College Football’s Top 25: Post Week 6

By: Kristen Ashly

In my top 25 this week, Baylor moves ahead of TCU for the No. 2 ranking in the country. As we’ve seen all season, Ohio State remains the top-ranked team, but, let it be known, it’s not by a long shot.

For a few teams near the top of the list, Week 6 was about survival. Ohio State won by three touchdowns but still saw plenty of issues against Maryland. Michigan State let Rutgers come dangerously close to pulling it off, and TCU had to rely heavily on Trevone Boykin to avoid an embarrassing loss to Kansas State. Utah had to pull off an all-nighter to secure a win against Cal.

For others, the weekend was about reminding the nation they were in town. Michigan was already good, but the Wolverines formally made a statement by destroying Northwestern. Despite remaining unranked, the Longhorns’ upset over Oklahoma was still something to write about, and Tennessee, who was barely worth mentioning a week ago, beat Georgia to set the stage for what could be an interesting run.

Take a look at my updated top 25, post Week 6. Return next week to see where your favorite school sits.

  1. Ohio State
  2. Baylor
  3. TCU
  4. Utah
  5. Clemson
  6. LSU
  7. Michigan State
  8. Florida
  9. Texas A&M
  10. Alabama
  11. Florida State
  12. Michigan
  13. Ole Miss
  14. Notre Dame
  15. Stanford
  16. Oklahoam State
  17. Iowa
  18. UCLA
  19. Oklahoma
  20. Northwestern
  21. Boise State
  22. Toledo
  23. California
  24. Houston
  25. Duke

Kristen Ashly is a contributor and editor for Nuts & Bolts Sports. Shoot the college football breeze with her on Twitter @KristenAshly.


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