College Football Week 9: Review And Rankings


By: Joe Cardoso

Tuesday we get the first round of college football playoff rankings, and the hot takes and cries of outrage are going to be off the charts. Picking those four teams won’t be easy as the madness went into hyperdrive this weekend. I am STILL at a loss on how Penn State allowed Ohio State to our play them and make the comeback of the year so far. If you didn’t believe in Notre Dame before you should now, and I am now swimming in my pool of Georgia Bulldog hype. Florida has had enough and is on the hunt for its THIRD head coach since 2014, where have you gone fun-n-gun offense? For all the crap he gets NO Ohio State QB in the school’s history is better than J.T. Barrett, kid balled out on Saturday. #KhalilTateForHeisman almost 700 yards rushing just this MONTH alone and a resume-building chance on deck with games against Washington State and on the road vs USC. The kid is so fun to watch grab a RedBull and check him out. And now for this weeks top 10  rankings, but first my player of the week and College Football Playoff Rankings.


CFB Playoff Rankings:
1. Alabama
2. Georgia
3. Notre Dame
4. Clemson

Player Of The Week: J.T. Barrett 33-39 328 yards and 4 TD along with 95 yards on the ground in a comeback we won’t soon forget.

  1. Alabama Crimson Tide: (8-0) New weak another SEC team to destroy. Who REALLY wants Bama? Come Tuesday a top 2 playoff ranking is a lock.
  2. Georgia Bulldogs: (8-0)
    (Dale Zanine/USA Today Sports)

    I like how they NEVER take their foot off the pedal and will beat you down until it’s 0:00 left. South Carolina is young and hungry but not sure if they want any parts on these Dawgs.

  3. Notre Dame Fighting Irish: (7-1)
    (SOUTH BEND, IN – OCTOBER 28: Notre Dame Fighting Irish running back Josh Adams (33) runs the ball in the 1st quarter during a college football game between the NC State Wolfpack and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish on October 28, 2017, at Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend, IN. (Photo by Daniel Bartel/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

    Back like they never left! All the Brian Kelly must go talkers seem to have gone away, wonder what happened to them? And when was the last time a Notre Dame player went to NYC for the Heisman….still waiting? Well, Josh Adams is well on his way to another 200-yard game. And is possible the Georgia loss will HELP them? This squad is just that a SQUAD.

  4. Clemson Tigers: (7-1) Will the slip up against the Orangemen be their downfall? A solid N.C State team is on deck and a good win against them would help the Tigers resume. Kelly Bryant looked great on Saturday.
  5. Wisconsin Badgers: (8-0)
    (Andy Manis/AP)

    They live and die by their lights out defense and Alex Hornibrook keep Badger fans on edge with some of his throws. You play who’s in front of you and they are setting them up and knocking them down.

  6. Ohio State Buckeyes: (7-1) In a few hours the season went from garbage to we are alive and Iowa won’t go away without a fight. It’s a whole new world for Buckeye Nation but the loss to the Sooners is still in the back seat.
  7. Miami Hurricanes: (7-0) So they say The U is back. Well, the schedule is about to get real and we will find out what this team is made of. Starting with Virginia Tech the turnover chain needs to shine bright and the offense must come alive. The time is NOW.
  8. Penn State Nittany Lions: (7-1) It’s simple HOW DO YOU RECOVER FROM THAT LOSS? HOW?
  9. Oklahoma Sooners: (7-1) All is not lost for the Sooners, but unless all hell breaks loose in the national picture no playoff for them. Still, Bedlam is next and a shot for a good new years day bowl game.
  10. TCU Horned Frogs: ( 7-1) Don’t count them out just yet. Kenny Hill must play better and the team has to play with better poise and confidence.

Bring on the rankings and more great games. My games of the week are Bedlam, Virginia Tech Vs Miami, Arizona Vs USC and Penn State Vs Michigan State. Keep up with all things sports by following our blog @NutsAndBoltsSP or me @JoeCardoso301

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