College Football Week 5 Thoughts

By: Joe Cardoso


The surprises and excitement just keep coming this year each and every Saturday. Florida State was already done for the final 4 and this weekend REALLY ended their hopes. Lamar Jackson showed not just America but Heisman voters what he’s made of. My thoughts for the week:

  1. Are the Tennessee Vols a team of destiny? Helped by a couple of bonehead plays by Georgia and a miracle throw by Josh Dobbs they get the win. Oct. 15th they face Bama and still have a Texas A&M matchup so the road won’t be easy. Butch Jones has these kids ballin until the final whistle and a trip to the SEC title game is VERY possible. Vols fans have to feel like its 1998 again which is the last time they were 5-0.
  2. Clemson vs Louisville was GREAT and a tale of two halves, Cardinals made some second half adjustments and got right back into it. Deshaun Watson had to remind us he is the best quarterback in the nation, did you see his play in the 4th? Lamar Jackson is a BEAST and now has 28 touchdowns on the year. This loss, in my opinion, did NOTHING to hurt his Heisman hopes but the win was the bigger prize and that went to Watson. And a good day for the ACC as it boasts 6 teams is the Top 25. Clemson has its eyes set on a return to the playoff and for Louisville a date with Houston could be the last shot along with major help to sneak into the conversation.
  3. Washington Huskies have some REAL bite! Sanford led by the human joystick Christian McCaffrey got handled on the road. The Huskies held him to under 50 yards and OWNED the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. If you didn’t know who Jake Browning was you do now. Some real playmakers on the outside make this team a tough win for anyone. Eight sacks for the game and held Stanford to ONE YEARD PER CARRY. And you can say goodbye to the Cardinals CFB Playoff hopes. Next up for Washington is a chance to end a 12 game losing streak against a shaky Oregon Ducks team. Pac 12 after dark football just got a whole lot better.
  4. Michigan is finding a way to get it done and making these home games count. It was an old school Big Ten fist fight and an Air Jordan like play sealed it for the boys in maize and blue. The Wolverines are not on the Ohio State level yet in terms of depth and playmakers but they are much improved. Head to New Jersey to play Rutgers at 5-0 and late November matchup vs the Buckeyes should be the best one in years. The Wolverines defense looks championship ready but the other side of the ball not so much.
  5. What is going on in Texas and Oregon? Big expectations on both programs just like LSU who made the move mid-season move are one of these programs next? We all know about the tradition and NFL prospects both programs are known for. But what have you done for me lately? In Texas case, Charlie Strong has top flight everything at the school and 5-star talent all around him to pick from. He has fired coordinators and taken over the defense now. This red river shootout is HUGE and could save his job. A 13-16 record won’t cut it in Austin it’s crunch time for Strong. Looking at the Ducks in Oregon Mark Helfrich can’t hide behind the fancy uniforms anymore. Where has the quarterback play gone for this school? Duck fans have to be wondering if Chip Kelly would come back. Can you manage the rumor mill if we have Texas, Oregon, LSU, and possible openings at USC and Auburn? WOW, never a dull moment with college football.

My College Football Playoff Rankings
4. Washington
3. Clemson
2. Ohio State
1. Alabama
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