College Football Thoughts: Week 6

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By: Joe Cardoso

Hurricane Matthew beat the lower southern part of the United States and affected some games. But it would take more than that to stop another week of college football. Week 6 was a separation week for some teams as we saw dreams crushed and hope stay alive for some programs. Hope everyone in the area’s affected by Matthew is safe, and here are my thoughts on week 6.

  1. The Houston Cougars playoff shot is GONE. What a performance by the midshipmen of Navy, at home they stuck to the game plan and got the W. The biggest loser in this was Louisville now that game vs Houston is not so juicy or important. I wonder how this affects Lamar Jackson Heisman hopes if it does at all. The triple option system Navy runs is hard to defend yes but all the credit goes to those kids and coaching staff. Now Houston will have to regroup and focus on getting a great bowl bid.
  2. Notre Dame, Michigan State, Texas, Oregon what’s the deal, man? Let’s start with the fighting Irish shall we:

-Playing NC State during Hurricane Matthew the Irish now fall to 2-4 and a losing season is a real possibility if they don’t wake up. Here is who has been the cause of the losing per head coach Brian Kelly. The defensive coordinator (FIRED), his quarterback (Isn’t he having a good season), and now his center. So at what point is the problem Kelly? Just saying…

-Michigan State- The Spartans are on a mini free fall and where is the bottom at? 31-14 loss at home to BYU. Still, time to fix it with games against OSU, Wisconsin, and Michigan. But the warning signs are there.

-Texas- Charlie Strong NEEDED the win on Saturday, and after taking over the D they created some turnovers but no W for the longhorns. The angry mob is gathering and it will take a real run or mercy to keep Strong in Austin past this year.

-Oregon- Where is the quack attack of old? Oh, man to be Mark Helfrich this team for all the Phil Knight Nike money and pop and glam has been god awful this season. Turn on the lights the party is over a new era is coming to Eugene. Someone I think could turn things around is the wild man down in Alabama Lane Kiffin.

  1. Texas A&M is REAL and look to not be going anywhere. I thought the magic of the 2016 Tennessee was going to get them. Lady luck was off this week for the Vols and the aggies won in double OT. A&M has the makings of a real contender but do not forget they play in Alabama’s division. Trevor Knight can hurt you in many ways and they rush the passer all day long.
  2. Michigan- unloaded a can of no mercy on Rutgers, and if you hurry you can still see Jabrill Peppers walking in the end zone and it’s TUESDAY! Some say it was a lack of class by Jim Harbaugh. I’m not so sure maybe it was just his team’s depth is that good. As said by Herman Edwards “You play to win the game.” Also nice move to get Peppers face time with Heisman voters on a week Lamar Jackson was off.
  3. If the CFB started today the Washington Huskies would be in it PERIOD. 70 on the Oregon Ducks, the beatdown of Stanford can we get to the 29th and the big matchup vs Utah already, please. So far they have earned a seat at the table. And to think people thought Coach Chris Petersen wouldn’t make it with the big boys. 12 game losing streak to the Ducks is gone.

Quick Hits

-Yes, Miami lost but just by watching them this year Mark Richt has them growing the right way

-Don’t look now but the Big Ten is all over the top ten

-Nice win this week for Virginia Tech

-HUGE game this week Ohio State vs Wisconsin

Heisman Watch (For today at least)

  1. Lamar Jackson
  2. Jake Browing
  3. Jabrill Peppers

Until next week college football fans!!



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