College Football Playoff Predictions: The Elite Four

By: Kristen Ashly

It’s here. It’s finally here.

There are no more predictions or pondering; we can officially get a glimpse at the College Football Playoff selection committee’s top 25.

Some fans will be exited about the news, while others won’t be able to hide their disappointment. But remember, there’s still a lot of football left to be played in the month of November, especially in conferences like the extremely back-loaded Big 12 and in college football, any standings can suddenly change at any time.

But still, the postseason picture has become a lot clearer after the first set of rankings were released on Tuesday. A second separation Saturday will sharpen things even more in Week 10.

The college football lovers of Nuts and Bolts Sports wanted to get in the excitement of the mix, and so we’ve decided to share our predictions on who has the best chance to make it to the elite four.

Take a look at who made my top four:



The Tigers check all of the “playoff contender” boxes. Clemson’s undefeated, has a very good win (home vs. Notre Dame) and has been surging over the last couple of weeks, demolishing Miami, 58-0, and putting up 56 points against N.C. State. The Tigers are led by a great quarterback and have talent spread all over the field. Not only should they make the playoffs, but I would venture to guess they make the final battle.


Ohio State

The consensus No. 1 team in the preseason has stayed No. 1 in the polls all season, so it’s not exactly shocking to find them in most final four predictions. Ohio State lacks a great (or even a marginally good) win, but Urban Meyer’s squad has started to look the part of the top ranked team they are in recent weeks. The suspension of J.T. Barrett hurts, but it shouldn’t be damning to the Buckeyes’ playoff push



The Horned Frogs, as they did in the final ranking of 2014, are the first team out of the field. It could really come down to them or Baylor, but the Bears have looked a little more dominant. TCU has two close wins – at Minnesota and at Texas Tech – while Baylor has none. They all play each other, though, so rankings should be taken with a grain of salt. This will ultimately be decided on the field.



I’m  confident in saying that the Crimson Tide will be the highest-ranked one-loss team. Alabama has wins against Wisconsin, Georgia and Texas A&M, and its lone loss came in a wild and memorable contest against Ole Miss. There’s a trust in Nick Saban’s teams, too – they look the part and over the last four weeks, few teams have looked better. There’s a lot of hate for the SEC, and for the Tide in particular, but there’s reason for the hate: they’re consistently unstoppable.

Agree? Think other teams make the cut? Let me know in the comments below, or follow me on Twitter @KristenAshly.

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