College Football 2019: 20 Questions

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By: Joe Cardoso

Enjoy this time while you can summer is coming to an end, and school is around the corner. Same goes for college football fans this is the last football-free Saturday for four months. Programs across the country are wrapping up offseason workouts and getting those depth carts just right for week one. With all the things we “think” we know about the upcoming season, tons of questions remain unanswered until kickoff. Preseason top 25 serves one purpose, and that is to create debate and conversation about the teams and upcoming season. It looks like I took the bait and have my own top 20 questions/statements, that I want answers to. What team has to show they are for real? Who is poised to lay an egg or rock the season? As we navigate the season, I’ll get what I want and so will fans. Kiss the wife and kids, tell friends you love them and get ready for a wild ride.

1. Can this years LSU team BEAT Alabama?

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2. With all the off-season distractions can the Florida Gators shake it off and have a solid season?
3. Which one of the transfers QB’s makes the biggest splash and leads their team to the promised land? Quarterback makes the world go round so with Justin Fields, Jalen Hurts, Jacob Eason, Kelly Bryant who shows out?

4. Can we see an improvement from FSU? Coach Willie Taggart has done all the right things OFF the field. Bringing back alumni and old school coaches but the play on the field leaves something to desire. 
5. Can Georgia get over the hump and make the CFB? So close and it went all wrong for the dawgs.
4. Teams that I would like to see bounce back in 2019 Virginia Tech, Texas A&M, Minnesota, Arizona State, USC, Miami.
5. Can Clay Helton fight back the haters and alumni and bring USC back to the national stage?
6. Year 2 for two big names in the sidelines. Does ANYONE know what to expect from Chip Kelly and UCLA? Adrian Martinez showed a ton of promise is it enough for Scott Frost and company? 
7. Welcome back Mackenzie Milton I’m rooting for this kid to make it back in the field.
8. Can anyone in the ACC at least make Clemson sweat?
9. Will 2019 be the year the PAC-12 gets some CFB Playoff respect?
10. I’m calling it now Les Miles, and Kansas will win a game they shouldn’t, just a question of which one it is.
11. Do not sleep on the Washington State Cougars. Speed, depth, and a head coach who will always roll the dice. You’ve been warned.
12. Is THIS the year Michigan finally beats Ohio State?
13. What team are we all not talking about now, but we will come seasons end?
14. Will Trevor Lawrence life up to the hype?
16. Oregon Ducks led by Justin Herbert will do what?

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18. Are the Texas Longhorns ready to get back into the daily CFB conversations?
19. Auburn Tigers bounce back year or more of the same?
20. We’ve been patient with FAU, but now can Lane Kiffin make 2019 the year?

It’s the most beautiful time of the year as college football is almost here, tailgating and unhealthy food along with rivalries and traditions. Every game is matters, and the debates are endless. The passion for the game and the performances are just some of the things that make college football great. August 24th the fun begins are you ready?


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