College Basketball’s Top 25: Post Week 6

By: Kristen Ashly

My latest poll has a lot of shifting within the rankings, but little turnover in terms of new team arrivals. Only Utah and South Carolina arrive as newcomers, while UConn and UCLA fall out. Utah’s win over Duke on Saturday shot the Utes straight to No. 24 this week.

South Carolina? They’ve yet to lose a game. Frank Martin’s program earned a road win against Clemson on Friday night to push it into the limelight for the first time under Martin’s regime.

Elsewhere, Kentucky and Duke take big tumbles after their losses, while Maryland, Virginia, Xavier and Butler were the biggest risers this week.

Monmouth, however, is still not ranked. It looks like MU will need some big-conference programs to fall even more, plus earn a road win at Cornell this week, to have a chance come Dec. 28.

Take a peak below at my full rankings, and come back next week to see where your favorite school ranks:

1. Michigan State (12-0)

2. Kansas (9-1)

3. Oklahoma (8-0)

4. Maryland (10-1)

5. Virginia (9-1)

6. Xavier (11-0)

7. North Carolina (9-2)

8. Arizona (11-1)

9. Butler (9-1)

10. Providence (11-1)

11. Iowa State (9-1)

12. Kentucky (9-2)

13. Miami (9-1)

14. Purdue (11-1)

15. Duke (9-2)

16. Louisville (9-1)

17. Villanova (8-2)

18. SMU (9-0)

19. West Virginia (9-1)

20. George Washington (10-1)

21. Texas A&M (9-2)

22. Cincinnati (10-2)

23. Baylor (8-2)

24. Utah (9-2)

25. South Carolina (10-0)

New arrivals: Utah, South Carolina

Dropped out: UCLA, UConn

Kristen Ashly
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