COBRA Golf KING Putter

COBRA Golf KING Supersport-35 putter

Image - HP Inc.

By: Julio Olmo

COBRA Golf Has Partnered With HP & Parmatech to Introduce a First of a Kind.

A Limited Edition 3D Printed Commercial Putter, which Uses the Latest HP Metal Jet Technology.


The KING Supersport-35, Limited Edition, Is A Fully 3D Printed Putter.

Designed with SIK Face Technology, It Delivers Next Level Personalization and Putter Performance.

COBRA Golf®, a leader in golf club innovation, announced the revolutionary product, which features 3D Printing technology.

A product of forward-thinking philosophy, COBRA selected HP as its partner to pioneer the 3D printing golf club.

Due to HP’s advantages in Metal Jet Technology, over traditional manufacturers 3D printing methods.

The KING Supersport-35 putter, was developed over the past two years in collaboration with COBRA engineers, HP and Parmatech,

It features a fully 3D printed metal body with a structure, which optimizes weight distribution and delivers high MOI in a blade shape.

In addition to the 3D printed design, the KING Supersport-35 Putter features higher DLT, which creates the most consistent and accurate rolls on every putt.

Reinvention is a crucial part of innovation and COBRA’s LE 3D-printed Supersport-35 Putter represents an advancement in the way golf clubs will be designed and manufactured from now on.


COBRA and HP began working together in early 2019 and by 2020, their teams had created thirty-five different designs.

Over the course of last eight months, they started showcasing all the designs.

This is just the first wave into what promises to be a significant change in future COBRA golf clubs.

COBRA has plans to launch additional products in 2021 that feature 3D printing technology.

The final product is a celebration of a major revolution in golf club manufacturing.

High-performance putters will appeal to golf purists seeking a cleaner look and feel.

The fact that they are packed with advanced technology to improve the quality of their short games, makes it a must have.

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