Cleveland Browns Sign Kareem Hunt: One Step Up…Two Steps Back

In 1988, Bruce Springsteen released a song called “One Step Up.” Part of the lyrics are as follows:

“But we ain’t learnin’
We’re the same sad story that’s a fact
One step up and two steps back.

This is exactly how I felt when I read the Cleveland Browns signed running back, Kareem Hunt.

The Kansas City Chiefs cut Hunt in late November after video surfaced of the running back shoving and kicking a woman during a February 2018 incident at a Cleveland hotel. The league has yet to finish the investigation into Hunt’s situation. The Video of the assault is below:

NFL Network host, Rich Esisen tweeted:

If I own a sports team, I want to win. And I would want to win badly. I’m competitive like that. But, I’d tell my personnel team that we would try to win without a single person who hits or kicks a woman on the roster. Full Stop. But, that is just me.

I couldn’t agree more with Esien.

For the fist time in decades the Cleveland Browns were going into the off-season with optimism. They have a franchise quarterback in Baker Mayfield and a young, talented running back in Nick Chubb. The former Georgia Bulldogs star is 23-years-old and averaged 5.2 yards per carry. The Browns are a young team who are trying to learn how to win. What they don’t need is a media distraction or controversy with their players. On paper, they have their quarterback and running back for the next 5 to 7 years.

Why would an organization that finally appears to be on the right track, bring this “Drama” into their locker room? Teams that are successful, like the New England Patriots, San Antonio Spurs, and the Golden State Warriors try and avoid off the field distractions. The Browns have invited a “Circus-like” atmosphere when they didn’t need a running back.

I have very few rules, but one of them is if you strike a woman, you would never play for my team. The Browns have failed here. But they are used to failing. One of the reasons they haven’t won an NFL title since 1964, is their off-season decision making.

To Quote Bruce one more time:

“But we ain’t learnin’
We’re the same sad story that’s a fact
One step up and two steps back.

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