Christmas Abbott: Dream Chasers Series

By: Joe Cardoso

One of the best things about life is that we can always change it. With a hard work and a ‘can’t-stop-won’t-stop attitude,’ we can create the life we want. Sometimes we need a wake-up call to see that the path we are on is not what we are destined for; that God has more in store for us. People who flip the script on life inspire us and let us know that the change is possible. No interview I’ve had with any athlete proves this more than this one.
Christmas Abbot is awesome, period! She is always challenging herself and reinventing herself while pushing others to the best versions of themselves. If you saw her on Big Brother season 19, or on a NASCAR track as the FIRST female member of a pit crew, only one question comes to mind. “What can’t she do?” If you are like me, after reading this, you will want to go run a few miles or at least throw a mac truck tire’s around. She’s a badass all day, every day, meet Christmas Abbott:

(Credit: Courtesy Christmas Abbott)

JC: How important is being a positive female role model to Christmas?
CA: Crucial. I believe young women are our future, and I want people to be able to bypass the struggles that I had to go through. If I can show them that I can do it, maybe I can inspire someone else. That’s the goal.

JC: I know you get asked this all the time, but how did your experience in Iraq bring us to where we are today? What was that time overseas like?
CA: Unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. It helped me to gain a deeper appreciation for our military troops as well as the importance of self-care and striving for a better understanding and meaning of life.

JC: Your transformation has been AMAZING! Knowing what you know now, what advice do you have for a newbie?
CA: Be patient with yourself, forgive your mistakes, and have a LOT OF FUN WITH IT!

JC: You are SUPER driven, what sparked that drive?
CA: Wanting to make up for the lost time I had rebelling against life, and now…the motivation to be able to help others continues to push me.

JC: When I think CrossFit, I think overwhelming. How did you get into it, and what are people missing out on?
CA: I got into it by curiosity from a soldier who showed me a video. I thought it was incredible to see girls my size do things I never thought I could, and I wanted that type of amazement for myself. People are missing out a world-wide community that will love and support them through their journey and understand their frustrations, not just in fitness, but in life.

JC: What effects on not just your body, but on your mind, did getting into CrossFit have on you?
CA: It made my mind MUCH stronger. It allowed me to discover that I was capable of so much more than I ever believed physically and mentally was possible…it made me a BADASS.

JC: Nutrition is a BIG DEAL. What’s your approach? Supplements?
CA: Eating whole foods and balancing your macronutrients will get you everything. As for supplements, I am excited to announce that I have launched my own line, BOURN Relentless with high quality, natural ingredients. Get them here!

JC: How has your family played a part in all that you’ve done so far?
CA: My family has been extremely supportive even if they didn’t understand it. I’ve inspired my Mom to quit smoking and they’ve always supported me in my dreams even when they know I’m working myself to the bone. We have a very fun family dynamic.

JC: What is on deck for Christmas Abbott for the rest of 2017?
CA: I’m pumped about the BOURN launch and the end of the year, the launch of CAN – my one on one nutrition online coaching program along with a new BBX program. I’m excited to have my three pillars aka my trifecta to show people how to find their confidence through health and wellness one way or another.

JC: What does the nickname relentless rebel mean to you?
CA: For me, relentless rebel means you believe in what your purpose is no matter what anybody else thinks, says, or does.

(pic credit: @KarloGomez)

JC: What would you say is your mission in terms of the badass movement and your brand?
CA: My mission is to show every person that they can change their lives and that power is within themselves. They wake up every day with the opportunity to CHANGE.

Bonus Questions:

JC: Tattoo’s how many, which is your favorite and why?
CA: I’ve lost count (LOL)! My favorite changes…right now it’s my ribs because the quote “not all who roam are lost” is something I’m holding dear to my heart to travel and see family and friends.

JC: Are you thinking about making a run at team USA for lifting?
CA: Lol when my broken foot heals…. maybe. I’m not taking it off the table but for now my foot’s healing.

JC: It can be food, music, clothing. What are 4 must haves for you?
CA: Fran. Journal. Cupcakes. My Spotify list.

JC: What do you do for fun?
CA: I’m taking pilot lessons which is a cool new challenge. I hope to take piano lessons sooner or later! I’ve recently been obsessed with polaroid pictures 🙂

2017 is ending and a lot of us still have goals to reach and ‘to-do’ lists to conquer. Taking life by the horns and crushing goals is hard, but people like Christmas remind us that it can be done. Being as busy and in demand, as she is, I can’t thank her enough for taking time to speak with me. My biggest takeaways from this Q&A are: NEVER settle and NEVER let the hard work ahead make you quit chasing a dream.
Christmas is NEVER standing still, so keep up with her on social media:
Snap Chat: @ChristmassAbbott
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