You are Cheating, and it’s Ok

By: Joe “Cartright” Cardoso

We are close to the start of another NBA season, and for some of us, we are still buzzing from last season. From day one, the Golden State Warriors handled business, on their way to winning it all over King James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

We all have our favorite hoops team: we love them win or lose, and have been a diehard fan for as long as we can remember.

But deep down we all have a secret we don’t share with anyone.

We cheat on our team.

Don’t fight it. You have an NBA affair with another team. Maybe they have a player or two you really like. Perhaps your squad is rebuilding and the other team is farther along in the process.

Now that the truth is out, let’s talk about a few of the teams being stalked by Knicks, Celtics, Cavs, Clippers fans and more.

Milwaukee Bucks– This team is young, athletic, and full of promise. With players like Jabari Parker and the Greek Freak, they played well in the playoffs. Jason Kidd is really a good coach and will keep guiding this bunch. But how long have you been a Bucks fan? Michael Carter-Williams is becoming better and better at the point. Man, that jersey looks really crisp and fresh! Oh… you have always loved Jared Bayless since his Arizona days. REALLY? Unless you are Jil “The Thrill” Prigge, you are lying and cheating on your team. It’s cool. Bucks faithful welcome you to the bandwagon.

Los Angeles Lakers– YES, I said the LAKERS! They fell off and many people loved to see the organization laden with history and superstars fall apart. Yet here we are. A couple of exciting first rounds picks, a few budding young players, and all of a sudden, the Lake show isn’t so bad anymore.

Fighting for a title? No. But bottom of the west? No way.

Julius Randle has the makings of a great power forward, and D’Angelo Russell also has a huge upside. How can you not like that combo teamed up with Jordan Clarkson? Throw in young wingman Jabari Brown, some guy named Kobe Bryant, and things become pretty interesting.

Oh yeah… Kobe. A great many of us hated him: and then when he was out with injuries, it hit you how GREAT he is. A nostalgic thought of an old superstar fighting to get back, and you have a real Hollywood story. The hate fell off a little bit, and we wanted to see them bounce back. No worries: Laker Nation always has room for more…but no, not you, Celtic fan. For years, no way you’d ever come close to acknowledging you like them.

You are cheating. Admit it.

Minnesota Timberwolves– The rookie of the year Andrew Wiggins and his BROTHER! Karl Anthony Townes is a nice new-age big man, accompanied by a national champion Point guard. Last year’s Slam dunk champ Zack LaVine is still learning the game, and one of my top 3 favorite players of all time, Kevin Garnett, brings the veteran leadership. The style will be crazy and all over the place. Some days you will love the T-Wolves, and other days they will drive you mad. Maybe your team doesn’t run enough, or doesn’t have the high flying players… but either way, you are cheating.

This team on paper has no chance of making noise in terms of playoffs. But “exciting” and “up-and-coming?” The Wolves more than fit the bill.

So get ready for NBA basketball to be back and better than ever, and by all means, cheer for your team. But when no one is looking, I know that you’re sneaking a peek at the cell, PC, or tablet to check on that “other team.” It happens in all sports; I just choose to expose it in basketball.

So yeah…I’ll come out the dark and admit it. As a long time Wizard fan, I’m going to be slipping on that Jabari Parker jersey and hat once in a while. What? I love Milwaukee, and how do you deny those colors?! Ha ha!

It’s almost time, hoop heads. It’s almost time.

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Joe Cardoso
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