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Charles Barkley
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By: Julio Olmo

Charles Barkley has been one of my favorite persons ever since he was introduced to the Philadelphia fan base after being drafted by the 76ers.

When he initially got to the NBA as a rookie, he had to share a locker-room with established NBA All-Stars such as Julius Erving and Moses Malone.

Although Barkley knew his place in Philadelphia…Charles, to this very day, remains the same in love with life guy.

A guy that is just as comfortable in a room full of celebrities as he’s pounding a few cold ones with the locals.

It really comes across whenever he’s on the NBA on TNT nowadays and in fact personally, I look forward to bad games because – I know – Charles is really going to speak his mind then!

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He has said many times that he would always feel blessed  and thankful for the game of basketball.

How the Game of Basketball has granted him the privilege of meeting so many great people.

Sure! Barkley has had some indiscretions, but like the Holy Man once said;

“…he who’s without sin…

I saw him once on Television kiss the ass of a donkey, after he lost a bet about former Houston Rockets Yao Ming’s NBA skills.

Also saw him get hurt, and play his final NBA game wearing a Houston Rocket’s uniform.

After the game and decisively limping on his way to the locker-room, Charles stop and started signing autographs for a bunch kids standing in front of the entrance to the tunnel which players use to walk back into their locker-rooms.

Other than age and quiet a few pounds, the Charles Barkley you see and hear on Television talking now, is the same Charles Barkley who played in the NBA for 16 seasons and painted the City of Barcelona, Spain, red in 1992 as a member of the original Dream Team.

He swore once that when he is selected for induction into the NBA Hall of Fame, he wanted to go in wearing a Philadelphia 76ers’ uniform because, as he put it…Quote!

“…they took a chance and drafted that fat kid from Auburn University

Barkley said once – also – that he may go into politics someday and help folks in his native home State, Alabama.

That’s Charles for you. Barkley has always been a Rescue Ranger Type Guy.

The man had fun playing the game and is having fun nowadays talking about the game.

Keep it Real Chuck!


Charles Barkley Interviews President Obama February 16, 2014 NBA All Star Game Weekend 2014


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