CFB Top 25 Post Week 4: Week of the Underdogs

By: Kristen Ashly

College football’s Week 4 snapped fans out of football daze, and back into the spirit of the game. We saw upsets, surprise appearances, and the rise of the underdog.

Michigan finally makes its presence known in the top 25, who sits at No. 22 after a 31-0 win over BYU on Saturday. The biggest mover this week is LSU, who spanked Syracuse in traditional college football fashion.

The biggest surprise this week, was when the Utes won 62-20 against Oregon. The Ducks, College Football Playoff finalists not even nine months ago, have moved down and out of the top 25.

The top of the rankings has foregone a seismic shift.  TCU narrowly averted disaster against Texas Tech, and Ole Miss followed up a win against Alabama with a less celebrated victory against Vanderbilt. Ohio finally looked like its self this week when they beat Western Michigan, and Baylor crushed Rice.

1 Ohio State 4-0
2 Michigan State 4-0
3 Mississippi 4-0
4 TCU 4-0
5 Baylor  3-0
6 Notre Dame 4-0
7 UCLA 4-0
8 Georgia 4-0
9 LSU 3-0
10 Utah 4-0
11 Florida State 3-0
12 Clemson 3-0
13 Alabama 3-1
14 Texas A&M 4-0
15 Oklahoma 3-0
16 Northwestern 4-0
17 USC 3-1
18 Stanford 3-1
19 Wisconsin 3-1
20 Oklahoma State 4-0
21 Mississippi State 3-1
22 Michigan 3-1
23 West Virginia 3-0
24 California 4-0
25 Florida 4-0

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