Understanding Your Why

September 4, 2020 0

By: Mystique Ro The first half of 2020 really threw humanity in for a loop. While much of our unpreparedness was pretty conspicuous in how we handled the challenges this year brought, our adaptability has […]

Rest in Power John Thompson

September 1, 2020 0

By: Zach Draves 2020 has become the year of loss. Loss of legends. Loss of icons. Coach John Thompson Jr. was both. (Courtesy: Afro.com) Who He Was From his days playing with Bill Russell and […]

AFC/NFC East Preview and Prediction

September 1, 2020 0

By Monte Perez The NFL season is going to be one of the most unique situations we have ever seen in sports. There was no extended training camps and no pre-season games. AFC East Preview/Prediction: […]

Athletes Are No Longer Pigeonholed

August 28, 2020 0

By: Zach Draves The best advice my father ever gave me was “don’t get pigeonholed.” Don’t put yourself in a box. Don’t let others force you into a trap that you can’t get out of. […]

The Milwaukee Bucks Are Striking For Justice

August 27, 2020 1

By: Zach Draves Dr. King said it best that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. The Milwaukee Bucks heeded that call. The injustice is the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin […]

NBA Reminder To the World

August 27, 2020 1

By: Henry Curi Amidst the shooting of 29-year-old black individual Jacob Blake, by officer Rusten Shesky in Kenosha, Wisconsin, players in the NBA decided to take action into their own hands this past Wednesday and […]

Masai Ujiri: His Ordeal and Call to Action

August 26, 2020 0

By: Zach Draves Masai Ujiri Wronged LeBron James and Don King have articulated that it doesn’t how much money one makes. Being black in America is difficult. That has been the case for 400 years. […]

Graham Rahal: Committed to the Legacy

August 26, 2020 0

By Zach Draves Graham Rahal Belongs As part of a lineage of some of the greatest families in the history of Indy car racing, Graham Rahal is showing he belongs amongst the sport’s legends. The […]

Kiki Stokes: This is Us Softball

August 21, 2020 0

By: Zach Draves Childish Gambino’s lyrical and visual tale of the present day was called “This is America.” Michael Jackson’s final curtain call was entitled “This Is It.” Kiki Stokes’ vision for a softball team […]

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