Can Jimmy G Do It Again?

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By: Evan Singleton

So, Jimmy Garoppolo seemed to have things under control in the season opener against Arizona, but there is still question surrounding his play moving forward.

The season opener surely brought some jitters. No doubt about that.  However, in a sense, the home opener may in fact bring more nerves to the forefront.  Garoppolo has never started a regular season game at Gillette.  So, this brings us to the question of whether or not he can produce like he did in week one.

Personally I think Garoppolo played a little too well in Arizona.  Now, let me explain what I mean by that…

Everyone thought that was the game they would most definitely lose.  That was clearly not the case.  If you were to not know about the Brady situation and/or how Garoppolo got the start, you may never have known he was out of place.  He legitimately looked like a calm, cool, and collected everyday starting NFL quarterback.  However, he is not.  We, at least Patriot fans, have all seen him look and play a little shaky. That was absent in week one.

I am not saying Garoppolo is not going to stink in week two.  Quite the opposite actually. I do believe he will play well at home against the Dolphins.  I would just be shocked if he were to play like he did against the Cardinals.  I guess, what I am trying to portray is the fact and idea that I will not be surprised if Garoppolo looks worse than he did in week one.

Luckily, Miami is a far less dominant team than Arizona.  So, I truly do believe Jimmy G can grind out another W for the New England Patriots.

In summary, YES he can do it again.  Just do not be surprised if he does it in a completely different, possibly messier, fashion.  Right now, I am on the Garoppolo train, but at the same time I am trying to remain grounded and realistic about the play of Jimmy Garoppolo.

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