Should the MLB Allow Pitchers To Use Foreign Substances?

By: Chandler Ragsdale

In the MLB last week, not one, but two, pitchers were ejected and suspended eight games for having a foreign substance on their arm.

One pitcher was Will Smith of the Milwaukee Brewers, and the other was Brian Matusz from the Baltimore Orioles.

Both appealed their suspensions, but it really has had no effect on how long the suspension will be. John Farrell, manager of the Boston Red Sox, claims that he thinks the MLB should allow some type of foreign substance to be introduced into the league for pitchers to use, to give them a better grip on the ball.

Which brings up the question, should these foreign substances be allowed? My vote is no, because pitchers dominate the league almost now as it is. Now they want an advantage?

People have said that they would like to see more run production in the league, but I personally don’t mind watching a good 3-2 or 4-3 baseball game. Run production now isn’t as serious as becoming associated with the “dead ball” era. I personally think that the game should be left the way it is, baseball is great the way it is. Pitchers can get a good grip on the ball now; the rosin bag is there for a reason.

Pitchers in the MLB shouldn’t need an advantage such as allowing foreign substances to be used to give the pitchers better grip on the ball.

Picture: Umpire Paul Emmel ejected Orioles reliever Brian Matusz after detecting a foreign substance on his arm. Rob Foldy/Getty Images


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