Buy, Sell or Bench Week 3

By: Keith Richards 

Welcome back!  I hope you survived Week 2 and you’re ready and refreshed for Week 3.  Most importantly, I am hoping that you are starting to find some normalcy in your fantasy teams.  Unlike the NFL, there are clear patterns starting to form regarding certain players.  Team NBS and I have you covered on that.  When the iron is hot and ready to strike, we will tell you when to strike.  As always, before we move onto Week 3 advice, let us recap Week 2.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they mustadmit that they were wrong.  For me, that time is not today because I do not think I was wrong to say to buy CoreyColeman.  I do, however, feel that I owe an apology to anyone who did pick up Corey Coleman.  Had I known that the Patriots would weasel their way into Josh Gordon for a fifth-round pick, I would have never suggested it.  So, for the first time, and hopefully the only time this season, my bad.  Moving on.  If you recall, I suggested selling Derek Carr.  Let’s take a look at what the numbers tell us; as we know they (almost) never lie.

To be honest, Carr had a better week than excepted.  He was 29 for 32 with 288 yards and a touchdown.  Do I stand by what I said?  Yes.  Performances like the first are more likely than this recent one.  Especially if they can’t figure out that Spider 2 Y Banana.  Last, I suggested benching Le’Veon Bell, which is something I stand by as well.  Unless you absolutely need the roster spot, do not let him go.  Steelers could have sorely used Bell in the passing game with how much Big Ben threw the ball.  If the Steelers do not want him, someone will and he would be great on most any team.  Now, let’s move onto Week 3!


Buy: Patrick Mahomes, QB, Kansas City Chiefs

This one might be tough to achieve, but it’s not at the point of impossible just yet.  Per Yahoo Sports Fantasy, Mahomes is only owned in 61% of all leagues.  That means that there is only a 39% chance you will get him, but it’s a chance you must take.  Personally, I drafted Mahomes in the 10th round of the draft in one of my leagues.  Even better, I drafted him as the backup.  Week 1, I did not give him the start.  Week 2, I gave Pat the start thinking that I wouldn’t see that same performance as Week 1, but he’d still do well.  I am happy to report that I was oh so wrong.

In Week 2, Patrick Mahomes flat-out torched that Steelers team.  Let us check out the digits.  Keep in mind that my scoring reflects a PPR league with fairly standard QB scoring.  I’d like to increase QB touchdowns to six points, but I digress.  Mr. Mahomes put up 38.84 points against a projected 18.47 points.  Allow me to pump the brakes for you and me.  Please do not expect this every week.  For a QB to put up those numbers would be rarified air, but I do think that you can expect Patrick to exceed projections on most weeks with all the talent around him.  In addition, if you can trade for him, and the trade is right, pull the trigger.  What I mean is don’t sell your team for him but if you have a gluttony at a certain position utilize that to obtain him.

Sell: Demaryius Thomas, Wide Receiver, Denver Broncos

This one hurts, it really does.  There are so many things I’d rather do than to tell someone to sell my boy, but this is strictly a business decision.  It’s not an issue of targets.  DT led the team in targets.  It’s an issue of production.  Last Sunday, Thomas had five receptions for 18 yards on 11 targets.  The most appalling thing about Demaryius right now is the frequency in which he drops the ball.

If it were an occasional thing, it’s something I could let go, but it’s not.  There is clear evidence that DT has been in a steady decline since he signed that big contract.  While the Broncos may be unwilling to let him go, that doesn’t mean you have to be.  So, pour out a cold one for our homie and then promptly get rid of him.  We wish him success in his future endeavors, but it can’t be on your team.

Bench: LeSean McCoy, Running Back, Buffalo Bills

Is Shady McCoy’s time as an elite RB1 option over?  Personally, I think they are, but he has had thousand seasons the past two season; however, there is cause for concern.  First, McCoy is currently listed as questionable with cracked ribs.  For any position, that would be tough to play through.  For an RB, it would be absolutely excruciating.  Second, LeSean turned 30 in July.  There is a big history with Father Time and 30-year-old backs.  Father Time’s record is undeniable in that war.  Last, and probably most important, the Bills stink.  I mean, they STINK.  Because they’re awful, they will play from behind quite a bit, which will limit Shady’s carries.  I don’t think he’s a lost cause just yet, but he’s getting dangerously close.


That is all for this week.  Don’t forget to follow @NutsAndBoltsSP and @5280Keith for live reactions to the games Thursday, Sunday, and Monday.  See you back next week my young padawans!

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