Buy, Sell, or Bench: NFL Fantasy Week 2

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By: Keith Richards
Week 1 is officially behind us and what a week it was! Welcome back to those Blake Bortles stans. Your apologies are accepted. Just do not let it happen again. In addition, for those required, I hope you completed your readings on handcuffs (please be sure it was the correct handcuff chapter) because it will come in handy down the road. Before we move onto this week’s studies, let’s take a moment to review last week’s course and see how we fared.
If you will recall, my Buy last week was James Conner. I sincerely hope that you paid attention and bought James Conner. Conner had himself a day to the tune of 135 rushing yards, two rushing touchdowns, five receptions, and 57 receiving yards. When I said he would see the lion’s share of the RB by committee approach, it was an understatement. Conner had 31 carries. That almost equaled his total from last season. With no signs of Bell returning this week, Conner is a great player to have, but he might cost you now. He went from being owned in 54% of leagues to 86%. Falling behind the trendline will cost you assets in a trade. Essentially, time to move on from Conner.

If you didn’t sell Blake Bortles, then I don’t know what to tell you. Personally, I know some amazing therapists that I use. See me after class (again) and I will be glad to hook you up. Bortles had a stellar game with a 40.5 QBR, 176 passing yards on 33 attempts, with a touchdown and an interception. Since you can’t hear me, I typed that DRIPPING with sarcasm. Get rid of him. Finally, Dan Bailey was not picked up by a team so, if you did bench him, time to boot him. He is statistically one of the best kickers ever, and I give him his props for that, but that’s where it stops. He’s still just a kicker. BYE DAN! Now, let’s move onto what you need to know for this week.

Buy: Corey Coleman, Wide Receiver, New England Patriots
This pick is much like the pick of last week with James Conner. It really is a no-brainer. I can more than understand the hesitation to take me up on this one. Corey Coleman’s career, thus far, has been a bust at best. At the end of the day, though, he’s a talented receiver that has played for some awful organizations. Sometimes the receiver makes the quarterback. Sometimes the quarterback makes the receiver. In this case, Mr. Coleman has hit the lottery because he just landed himself with a quarterback that will most definitely make the receiver.
Corey Coleman signed with Patriots this week and is, as of this very second, owned in a whopping 3% of fantasy leagues per Yahoo Sports. He is more than obtainable. Before I move onto my next point, let me make something very clear. I hate Tom Brady. When I say hate, I mean HATEEEE!!!!! Extra e’s and exclamation points and all. I hate his smug Uggs. I hate his model good looks and his model wife. I just hate everything about Tom Brady. That being said, he is one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever step foot on the field. Shady Brady will make Corey Coleman look like the second coming of Randy Moss on enough Sundays that it’s worth the pickup. When Edelman returns, he’ll still be a mid-to-high end WR2 in most league. No reason not to take a chance here.
Sell: Derek Carr, Quarterback, Oakland Raiders
I’m going with a quarterback again this week and this one saddens me. I’ve been one of the biggest supporters of Carr for a long time, but I can’t do it anymore. Though Derek Carr is only in his fifth year, I think we’ve seen his ceiling. I personally was shocked when he got the contract he did, but I felt he would grow into it. Instead, he’s regressed over the past couple of seasons and there was no better proof of this than last night against the Rams.
Yes, Carr is in a new system. Yes, Carr faced some of the fiercest competition he’ll see all year at defensive back, but that is no excuse for some of the throws he made last night. While he ended up with 303 passing yards, Carr did not throw a touchdown pass and had three interceptions to boot. It was an awful performance for all intents and purposes. Because finding a good quarterback is so hard to do, I think you can find some decent value for him in a trade but don’t get your hopes up.
Bench: Le’Veon Bell, Running Back, Pittsburgh Steelers (for now)
As tempting as it would be to drop Le’Veon Bell, don’t do it; especially if you are in a keeper or dynasty league. The only logical reason I could see anyone dropping Bell is if they had Conner. Even then, I’d be hesitant to do it. Let’s not mince words here. James Conner did the best he could this Sunday to make the Steelers says, “Le’Veon who?” Let’s not twist my words on that. It will be a cold day in hell before you hear me say I will take Conner over Bell. If I do say that, I’ve been hacked and report my accounts. Conner did, however, prove they can survive without Bell.
Because Conner can sustain them without too much of a drop-off, then the Steelers now have the incentive to trade Bell. This is where the type of league you play in factors in your decision. In a standard (boring) league, you’re most at risk. You can’t control if the Steelers will punk Bell and just not trade him. If that happens, he might not see a down all season and you’re out a full season of a wasted roster spot. If you’re in a keeper league, or dynasty league, unless you absolutely need that roster spot, you keep him on that bench. Either he will be traded this season, or he will be playing somewhere else next season. Either way, you still want him on your team. It’s a risk I would take ten times out of ten.
That is all for this week. Don’t forget to follow @NutsAndBoltsSP and @5280Keith for live reactions to the games Thursday, Sunday, and Monday. See you back next week my young padawans!


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