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Fantasy Football

Welcome back to another week of fantasy football advice with Nuts and Bolts Sports! Congratulations are in order. Instead, I should say pre-congratulations are in order. We are now in Week 8. This means we’re coming up on the halfway point. Midterms will be next week. At this point, it’s apparent whether you will make the playoffs or will fight to not get the unicorn tattoo. We aim high here. So, we will not discuss the latter. Per usual, we will recap the market last week and move onto the week in front of us. So, let’s go!

Recap: Week 7

First, let’s start with the buy of last week, which was Chester Rodgers. As it turns out, TY Hilton did play last week. So, there was the expected dip in his production. Still, Rogers caught all four of his targets for 40 yards. While only eight points, it’s still a positive sign. As TY gets healthier, he will see more double coverage. This bodes well for Rogers. Opportunity is the name of the game in fantasy football. Opportunity will be there for Rogers.
Second, the sell of the was Eli Manning. To recap his week, Eli had it was fools gold. The 399 yards and a touchdown are nice. Though, it’s hard to imagine Eli will have another turnover-free game for the rest of the season. While it will be tempting to snatch him back up, don’t do it. Cut your losses while you can and move on.

Last, the bench of the week was Julio Jones. Let’s take a look at how he performed. Again, statistically, not a horrible week for Jones. Still, he doesn’t have that elusive touchdown. Furthermore, he had a lost fumble. Benching him this week is an obvious choice. He has a bye. Moving forward, it’s a risk versus reward deal. Julio is one of the most talented receivers in fantasy football and in the league. If he’s not scoring touchdowns, though, then you have to weigh your options. Let’s now take a look at the market this week.

Buy: Geronimo Allison, Wide Receiver, Green Bay Packers

In fantasy football, it’s a numbers game. Opportunity is the name of the game in fantasy football, but so is numbers. When it comes to Geronimo, the numbers are in his favor. First, the most important number is availability. Per Yahoo Sports Fantasy (, Allison is playing on 46% of the rosters. This means there is a great than 56% chance he is available in your league. Off to a great start!

Fantasy Football
GREEN BAY, WI – SEPTEMBER 24: Geronimo Allison #81 of the Green Bay Packers celebrates in overtime against the Cincinnati Bengals at Lambeau Field on September 24, 2017 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

Second, in the four games Geronimo has been available, he averages 15.7 points. This includes two touchdowns. Last, he plays with the best quarterback in the game. His targets will fluctuate, but that bad man Aaron Rogers like to spread the ball around. Furthermore, if Jimmy Graham is unable to go, Allison’s potential targets will increase. He’s still a roll of the dice, but it’s a high probability roll.

Sell: Robby Anderson, Wide Receiver, New York Jets

Another fantasy football word of the week: inconsistency. Sometimes in fantasy football, the opportunity is present. The numbers favor the player. Still, the player is inconsistent. That’s Robby Anderson. Outside of Darnold, Anderson is the most talented player on that team. You wouldn’t know it, though, looking at his performances over the season.

Fantasy Football

Anderson’s best game was week five against the Broncos. Three receptions for 123 yards and two touchdowns is something to write home about. In the first game, Darnold hit Anderson on a 41-yard score, but that was his only reception of the game. In Robby’s five other games combined, he has 24 points. That’s less than his week five total against Denver. That’s inconsistency you cannot afford. When you cut him, you will see he has another good game or two. Good for him. Let someone else deal with the inconsistency, which is not a good thing in fantasy football.

Bench: Amari Cooper, Wide Receiver, Dallas Cowboys

First, let’s talk about Jerruh Jones is an idiot. Like, really stupid. I think Cooper is a phenomenal talent, but he is not worth a first round pick. Not by a long shot. Second, let’s talk about the obvious confusion. Why should you bench a player with a fresh start? It’s a rhetorical question. You should bench Cooper because he has a fresh start. Let me explain.

From the very first snap, Amari will be the number one receiver in Dallas. Keep in mind, though, he’s joining the team in week eight. An NFL team changes drastically from the start of training camp to week eight. I believe that Cooper will be a great asset to fantasy football teams in the playoffs. Remember, it’s all about the playoffs. Until then, proceed with caution.

As always, I hope that my advice serves you well and don’t forget to follow @NutsAndBoltsSP and @5280Keith for live reactions to the games on Thursday, Sunday, and Monday. See you back next week my young padawans!

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