BSB Week 8

Welcome back to another week of BSB! If you’re like me, this fantasy football season is a classic case of Jekyll and Hyde. I can’t quite explain it, but this season is just off. Still, I am in a position to make the playoffs in both my leagues. So, we will move forward with BSB Week 8. Regrettably, we will discuss the BSB transactions of Week 7. It was an ugly week for the rosters, but we have to do it. Then, we will discuss the BSB Week 8 transactions. Last, we will see the rosters we have been looking at throughout the season. So, let’s get it!

Week 7 Review

The buy of last week was Mecole Hardman. As expected, Hardman beat projections with 10.80 points. As we said last week, when Sammy Watkins returns, Mecole is purely bye week/injury coverage. Still, he is precious in that lane. When Mahomes returns, which looks like it will be in week nine, Hardman is another tool in the massive toolbox of Showtime. The matchup this week is not great against the Packers, but we’re forward thinkers here. Mecole Hardman is a valuable player to ride your bench in the late season.

The buy of last week was Emmanuel Sanders. Now, this one is a win and loss for BSB. On the one hand, Sanders did not have a stellar week as he still did not find the endzone. On the other hand, Sanders got the most significant gift he could get all season this week. Emmanuel Sanders was traded from the Denver Broncos to the San Francisco 49ers. Sanders was a sell because I assumed Elway would hold him hostage. Elway did the right thing, and Sanders is now on a better team. So, my bad on that one.

Finally, the bench of the week was Daniel Jones. The recommendation of a bench is just right. While Jones did throw for a touchdown and 223 yards (along with 35 rushing yards), he still did commit three turnovers. You can except these types of performance from Jones throughout his rookie season. Again, I believe Jones has star potential in this league. He is valuable as a keeper. So, that’s why I say keep him on the bench.

Buy – Jimmy Graham, Green Bay Packers

Oh, Jimmy Graham. Graham is the penultimate boom or bust player. In my fantasy career, Jimmy is the one player I just can’t quit. I did not keep or draft him this season, but I have been keeping an eye on him. Graham had a decent first week but struggled in the following two weeks. Since then, Jimmy still has been a little up and down, but I think he’s always worth the risk.

BSB Week 8

As the season progresses, Graham has favorable matchups to help you make the playoffs. Furthermore, Graham can help you in the playoffs, as well. The tight end position is slim pickings this season in fantasy football. The fact that Jimmy is available in 24% of league (per Yahoo Fantasy) in BSB Week 8 is a risk you have to take. Take a chance on Graham.

Sell – Nelson Agholor, Philadelphia Eagles

BSB Week 8
Sep 22, 2019; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Nelson Agholor (13) fumbles the football during the second quarter against the Detroit Lions at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

For the BSB Week 8 sell, Hakim Laws tried to warn us about Agholor at the beginning of the season, but I didn’t listen. In his defense, Agholor did have two 20-point plus games earlier in the season, but he’s been worthless since then. In the last four games combined, Nelson has 16.60 points. That’s not sustainable and not acceptable. Like Hakim, I have no more faith in Agholor. Sorry, fam.

Bench – Teddy Bridgewater, New Orleans Saints

BSB Week 8
Aug 9, 2019; New Orleans, LA, USA; New Orleans Saints quarterback Teddy Bridgewater (5) looks to throw a pass in the first quarter against the Minnesota Vikings at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

For the BSB Week 8 bench, the time has come. Mr. Bridgewater has been great for the Saints, but Mr. Brees is coming. No doubt, the city of New Orleans appreciates the five wins, but Teddy is not Drew. It’s not a shot at Bridgewater because most quarterbacks are not Brees. Still, when Brees is healthy, Brees plays. Consequentially, there is always the risk of reinjury.

Of course, we do not wish that Drew Brees reinjures his thumb, but it is a possibility. If that happens, Teddy will be right back in the starting lineup. Also, if you are in a keeper league, Teddy will be a starter next season somewhere else. You can count on that. Bridgewater is worth the bench.

Final Roster Review and Preview

Well, it was a rough week for our little rosters. Both rosters were on the losing end of each respective matchup. Final Roster 1A suffered the worse defeat of the two rosters. Players did not perform. Sometimes, there is nothing you can do about that. So, you move on, which is what we are doing this week. I did add Mecole Hardman to this roster, and Jimmy G gets one more start before Brees returns. That roster is below:

Final Roster 1B suffered a defeat as well, but that is mostly due to the Mahomes injury. With Brady in the game, that team won last week (theoretically). Nothing we can do about that but move on. This week, TB12 gets the start with Mahomes out. That roster is below:

That’s all we have for BSB Week 8. As always, final rosters are subject to change. For instance, if Brees does play, he will get the start. So, always keep that in mind. See you next week!

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