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Hello, and welcome back to another week of BSB! We are now officially into the second quarter of the fantasy football season. So far, the NFL has been anything but predictable. With BSB Week 5, we will attempt to dig through the weeds and find the flowers. After recapping the transactions of last week, we will discuss who to buy, sell, or bench in week 5. So, let’s get it!

Week 4 Review

The BSB buy last week was LeSean McCoy. Shady finished the week with 16.90 points, which was a little higher than his projection. Damien Williams is the team’s technical starter, but all indications are that Reid will go with McCoy and Darrel Williams when Damien returns. Also, the Chiefs have a pretty favorable schedule coming up. So, McCoy is a keeper if you were able to get him. If not, getting him in a trade package is still a viable option.

The BSB sell last week was Joe Flacco. Flacco pulled a bit of fool’s gold and had a decent game. In the loss, scored 22.02 points, but I do not think you can rely on Flacco to continue that. True, the Broncos will play from behind often. Still, I don’t trust the man. He may have had a good week last week, but that is not sustainable for him. Do not have sellers remorse because you will not regret the sell in the end.

Finally, the BSB bench of the week was Tony Pollard. As I suspected, as the Cowboys schedule gets tougher and Zeke gets back in the groove, Pollard will get less playing time. Last week, in a close game, Tony had zero points. Once again, I think that this will be the norm. I would even go as far as saying to sell Pollard. His floor is very low, but he doesn’t have much of a ceiling either. Now, onto BSB Week 5!

Buy – Michael Gallup, Dallas Cowboys

BSB Week 5
ARLINGTON, TEXAS – NOVEMBER 29: Michael Gallup #13 of the Dallas Cowboys pulls down a pass against Eli Apple #25 of the New Orleans Saints in the first quarter at AT&T Stadium on November 29, 2018 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images)

BSB week 5 buy is an interesting case. Michael Gallup has not played for the last two weeks. It’s not certain that Gallup will play this week. Still, the Cowboys looked lost last week with just Cooper lining up. Both Cooper and Gallup are beneficial to one another. Michael’s 35.60 points in two games (per Yahoo Fantasy) give him an average of 17.8 PPG. I see no reason why I cannot continue that trajectory. With Gallup still available in 35% of leagues, he’s more than worth a shot.

Sell – Case Keenum, Washington Football Team

BSB Week 5

BSB week 5 sell comes from another NFC East team. Were it not for the Broncos and Dolphins, Washington is the worst team in the league. For one, the Football Team doesn’t even know who its starter is this week. Its Thursday, and they have no clue. There is no way I can make a case for Keenum in these circumstances. Even if he does start, there’s no guarantee he’ll even finish the game. The watch for Mr. Keenum is over.

Bench – Golden Tate, New York Giants

BSB Week 5
EAST RUTHERFORD, NEW JERSEY – AUGUST 08: Golden Tate #15 of the New York Giants claps from the bench in the fourth quarter against the New York Jets during a preseason matchup at MetLife Stadium on August 08, 2019 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

I guess we’ll keep in the NFC East for the BSB week 5 bench. Tate gets his first taste of action this week as he comes off suspension. Yes, it will be a breath of fresh air for the Giants who need all the help they can get, but Golden has to prove himself first. We don’t know what his chemistry with Jones is like, and we don’t know his condition. My guess is that he will be a high-end WR2, but we need to see what he can do first.

Final Roster Review and Preview

Week 4 was interesting for our rosters. Unfortunately, not both rosters got a win, but they should have. Roster 1A squeaked out a win with 128.18 points to improve to 3-1. It was not a banner win, but a win is a win. A lot of questionable tags this week for that roster, and there is a traded. Kenyan Drake and Greg Olsen will be traded for Tarik Cohen and Terry McLaurin. I’m meh about Cohen, but I’m high on McLaurin. Since that roster will change, I am not going to post it now. Follow me on Twitter to see that final roster.

Roster 1B did not win, but it should have. I got home from work at 6:30 AM, and McLaurin was set to start. I woke up at around 11:15, and he was out. So, guess we’ll take the moral victory on that one. Robert Woods was in the Thursday Night game and scored 9.80 points. Woods was below projection, but it was a decent start to the week. That roster is below:

BSB Week 5

That’s all for BSB Week 5. Be sure to check back in for Week 6!

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