BSB – Week 3

Fantasy Football

By: Keith Richards

Welcome back, class! I hope last week was much better than the first week because it was for me. We’ll get back to that though. This week, we hope to return to some normalcy, but given the injuries that have already dropped that may not be possible. We will do what we always do at BSB, though, and make the best with what we have. Naturally, there is still plenty to discuss.

Per usual, we will review the BSB transactions of the previous week. Then, we will move onto this week and who to buy, sell, or bench. Last, we will review the rosters from last week and give a preview of this week’s rosters. So, let’s get it!

Week 2 Review

The BSB buy of last week was Randall Cobb. So, how did he fare? Well, he didn’t do horrible but he didn’t do great either. Per Yahoo, Cobb managed 8.50 points. It was a smidge below projection but there is a bright side. With Tavon Austin out for a few weeks, Cobb will face less competition for targets. In fantasy football and BSB, we love targets. He’s still worth keeping around.

Since it as a two-piece special on the buy, the other buy was Marquise Brown of the Ravens. Hollywood actually beat projections with 16.60 points. He didn’t find the end zone but the targets are there. Brown had 13 of those. Like I said last week, it’s high risk, high reward with Brown. In fact, I just received a trade offer for Hollywood ten minutes ago. I turned it down. You want him on your team.

The BSB sell of last week was Ben Roethlisberger. Unfortunately, that was spot on. Big Ben is out for the season. If you didn’t get rid of him last week, you won’t have a choice this week. If you’re in a keeper league, it might be worth keeping him if you have an injured reserve spot but Roethlisberger is not a keeper worth QB. The sell suggestion on him was justified before the injury. It is doubly justified now.

Finally, the BSB bench of the week was Le’Veon Bell. If you did bench him, it may have stung a little. Bell produced 20.90 points, but patience is a virtue of fantasy football. Now, we see Le’Veon is pretty much all that team has. I wouldn’t be shocked if he’s traded to a better team. So, ride him until he gets hurt. I’m not trying to speak it into existence but they are going to wear him out! Let’s move onto this week.

Buy – Terry McLaurin, Washington Football Team

There’s not a lot to like about Washington, but Terry McLaurin I think is a diamond in the rough. Last week against Dallas, McLaurin made some great plays against one of the better corners in the league in Byron Jones. With his ability to win those 50-50 balls, Terry is a red zone dream. More importantly, he’s available.

LANDOVER, MD – SEPTEMBER 15: Washington Redskins wide receiver Terry McLaurin (17) catches a one yard touchdown pass against Dallas Cowboys cornerback Byron Jones (31) on September 15, 2019, at FedEx Field in Landover, MD. (Photo by Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

He’s only owned in 62% of leagues, which means there is a 38% chance of getting him. McLaurin is definitely not a WR1 but he has WR2 potential. Right now, I’d say he’s more of a flex player, but patience young padawans. Give him some time and he will reward you.

Sell – Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers


First and foremost, I am not shy about my dislike of Cam and his scarves. It’s ridiculous! Fashion choices aside, Newton has been terrible so far. TERRIBLE! For the season, Super Cam has just 16.68 points. That’s not even 8.50 points per game. Never have been a fan and never will be. Much like other players, he will have bright spots but it’s fool’s good. DON’T FALL INTO THE NEWTON TRAP!!! I’m begging you! Moving on.

Bench – Baker Mayfield, Cleveland Browns


For a player that came into the season with so much hype, Baker has not been very good so far. Aside from his lack of point production, he’s also thrown four interceptions. Simple math says Mayfield is on track to throw 32 interceptions. That won’t happen but it’s not a shiny outlook either. Furthermore, the Browns face a stout defense in the Rams this week. Not only should Baker be benched specifically for that game, but he needs to prove himself. This week is a good start.

Final Rosters Review and Preview

We finally got some wins under our belt! In week two, both rosters joined the win column. Truthfully, both teams still underperformed but a win is a win. Once the rosters get ironed out, they will be well-oiled machines. Roster 1A won with 141.22 points. The biggest difference in that roster this week is the change in QB. With Brees on the IR, Jimmy G will be taking over. That roster is below:


Roster 1B squeaked out a win with 117.32 points. Not much change to this roster except the addition of Terry McLaurin. The matchup is not great this week but I plan on starting him soon. That roster is below:


That’s all we have for this week. As always, rosters are subject to change per injury reports on Sunday. Good luck and godspeed! See y’all back for next week’s BSB!

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