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Ok, you’re all here; most of you anyway. So, I think it’s safe to say that you survived week one of the fantasy football season and you’re ready to tackle week two. Welcome back! Hopefully, you fared better than I did in week one. It seems that I faced every player that exploded in week one and lost both my matchups. But this is a new week. BSB class is back in session and we have three new players that you should buy, sell, or bench. So, let’s get it!

BSB – Buy

For the first time in BSB history, we have a two-piece special for the buy. There were so many standout performances that I just couldn’t choose one player. I chose two. Odds are you’ll not be able to get both, but hopefully, you can get at least one. We have someone old and someone new, but both looked great in week one.

First, let’s go with the old: Randall Cobb. As of Saturday morning, Cobb is available in 77% of leagues (per Yahoo Fantasy). For sure, Randall is not a WR1, but he is a solid mid-to-low WR2. It’s a low risk, high reward pick for the veteran, which is what BSB is all about. Risk and reward. In week two, Cobb is projected for 10.15 points but the Washington Football team gave up the 3rd most points to receivers in week one. Like I said, risk vs. reward.


This next kid should be obvious. Marquise “Hollywood” Brown made himself known in week one. Not even kidding, this is the stuff of BSB legend. In week one, Brown scored 30.70 points, which was good for 6th among receivers in fantasy football. Still, he will be tougher to get at this point. I’m not ashamed to say he put up those numbers on my bench last week. It’s part of the pain and beauty of the BSB model. I could have used those points, but I took a chance and drafted him. Now, I don’t have to face the slim 18% availability for him. He’s worth a trade if you can swing it. Very high risk, but very high reward.

Sell – Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers


I didn’t get this in before Thursday, so I had to go with my second choice on the BSB sell for this week. My first choice was Cam “Scarf” Newton. Essentially, I’m giving away who my sell for next week will be, but I digress. Big Ben did not do much better. In week one, he had 9.74 fantasy points, which was barely more than Nick Foles. Foles didn’t even finish the game. Yeah, he might get better, but I don’t think he’ll get much better. Find yourself a sucker who has faith in him and trade him. Make him a part of a package if you have to. Just get rid of him.

Bench – Le’Veon Bell


This is a bench of necessity. Despite what others might think, Bell is still a top-tier RB1 in fantasy football. The issue here is that the Jets will be without Sam Darnold for sure this week, which makes Bell a week-by-week decision at starter. To complicate matters, Le’Veon landed himself on the injury report this week with a shoulder. Reports are that he is fine, but given the Darnold outage, if you do start him I would proceed with caution. I would sit him this week. You can see how well that shoulder is. Furthermore, you can see how Siemian under center affects him as well.

Final Rosters

Following the BSB final review, teams 1A and 1B will remain the same throughout the season. Remember, team 1A is a PPR/IDP league. The other team, Team 1B, is just a PPR league. Team 1A is projected for 182.88 points and is listed below:


Team 1B is projected for 125.41 points and is listed below:

Next week, we will cover more in-depth the performances of the teams in a separate article, which will be in addition to the normal BSB coverage. See you next week and good luck!

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