BSB Week 14

Firstly, apologies are in order. We are a few weeks behind on BSB class. Last time we had class, it was Week 10. This week, it’s BSB Week 14. Truthfully, life has become a little hectic, but we’re not here for therapy hours. We’re here to win that fantasy football championship. So, we will continue with our end-of-season format. BSB Week 14 will discuss which players you should start and which players you should sit. So, let’s get it!

Players to Start

Credit: New England Patriots

The first player to start in BSB Week 14 is James White of the New England Patriots. In the 11 games he’s played this season, White only failed to reach double digits twice. Last week, he reached his pinnacle with 37.70 points. The bread and butter of James is receiving out of the backfield, but he had a great week rushing in the Week 13 loss. Towards the end, the Patriots exclusively targeted White and Edelman. The anemic KC defense is a tantalizing matchup for James. He has to start.

Next, we have Christian McCaffrey. As crazy as it sounds, Run CMC had an off week last week with only 17.20 points. Why does that sound stupid? McCaffrey was on an eight-game streak in which he scored at least 20 points. So, Christian was due to be human for a week. Still, I think he bounces back this week and does so in a big way. With Ron Rivera fired, the Panthers will rely on their best horse in the stable to get them over the finish line, which is CMC. You want him in your starting lineup.

BSB Week 14
Credit: Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

The final player to start for BSB Week 14 is Tyreek Hill. On paper, this is an awful matchup. New England’s defense has been the best all season long. What changes my mind is seeing what DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller did to the Patriots last week. Their speed is what hurt New England. We saw this when the Patriots lost to the Ravens as well. There are few players in the league faster than Tyreek Hill. I believe the Chiefs will use their speed against New England, and Hill is the fastest. A big game is in store for Mr. Hill.

Players to Sit

The first player to sit for BSB Week 14 is Derrick Henry. Henry’s excelled for four straight stellar weeks. As a whole, Henry has been relatively inconsistent this season. Going off of his track record, Derrick is due for a not-so-stellar week. Oakland is not exactly a juggernaut defensively, but Henry is not always a juggernaut either. So, it might be best to not risk it this week with this running back.

BSB Week 14
Credit: Bobby Ellis/Getty Images

The next player is another running back. With Marlon Mack, though, it’s more of a “proceed with caution” than a flat out “do not play him.” Per Yahoo Fantasy, Tampa Bay allows the 3rd fewest points to running backs. That alone is cause for concern. When you add that Mack is coming off of an injury, I do not expect that he will have a good game.

In BSB Week 14, the last player to sit is Will Fuller. It’s not a matter of him not having a good week, but of his health. Though the Texans list Fuller as questionable, his practice time this week has not been great. On top of that, Fuller has an 11 AM start. Trust me. I’ve burned myself several times this season with the questionable tag and that 11 AM start. In the playoffs, it’s no time to roll that die.

That’s all we have for this week. Good luck and godspeed!

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