BSB Week 10

Welcome back to BSB! We’re in Week 10 of the fantasy football season, and, if you’re in a typical league format, there are only four more weeks until the playoffs. So, as I stated in BSB Week 9, BSB Week 10, moving forward will follow a different format. With the waiver wire sucked dry, it’s time to start focusing on your team and who to play. Instead of who to buy, sell, or bench, we will discuss the top three players to start and the top three players to sit. Any position is eligible. So, let’s get it!

Players to Start

BSB Week 10

The number one player to start in BSB Week 10 is Patrick Mahomes. I’m personally excited about his return because I have him on one of my teams. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been anxiously awaiting his return. Showtime has a projection of 24.39 points. All reports are that Mahomes could have played in the two previous weeks. With a full complement of weapons and a rested ankle, I think Patrick is in for a huge game.

BSB Week 10

The next start for BSB Week 10 is Michael Thomas. The Saints are coming off of a bye week, which gives the offensive loads of time to scheme ways to torment the Falcons. Yahoo Fantasy projects that Thomas will score 22.21 points, but I think he will surpass that. More importantly, Alvin Kamara returns to the field on Sunday. The Falcons will need to account Kamara, who only helps Thomas.

Finally, Davante Adams is a must-start in Week 10. In the Week 9 loss to the Chargers, the Adams only had 11.10 points. The Chargers, though, have an underrated defense. The Panthers give up the 8th most points to receivers. So, while he is only projected to hit 18.10 points, I think Davante will surpass that. It’s revenge szn for the Packers. It’ll be a big week.

Players to Sit

BSB Week 10

Now comes the tough part. It’s much easier to suggest players to start than to sit. So, let’s rip off this bandaid. The first sit of BSB Week 10 is Russell Wilson. Even just typing that doesn’t feel right, but I think it’s the right choice. This week, the Seahawks face the 49ers. Do I need to provide a reason? Fine, I’ll give just one. From a fantasy football perspective, the Niners are giving up the 2nd fewest points to quarterback. Wilson will fall short of his projection.

The next man up is Mike Evans. Though the matchup is favorable and the projection is hopeful (19.67 points), I don’t think Evans keeps the streak going. In the past two weeks, Mike has had 42.80 and 37.00 points, respectively. As a player on one of my teams, intuition tells me Evans is in for a dud this week. You can hate me if I’m wrong, but it’s a risk you have to take.

BSB Week 10

Last, in BSB Week 10, we’re looking at Julio Jones. I should note that sits for some of these players aren’t genuinely sitting the player. I don’t expect people actually to sit them. Instead, it’s tempering expectations. After a bye week, Jones is set for 18.86 points. Still, Jones has this weird pattern of three great games followed by two duds. He’s had the three straight games. He’s due for at least one dud. So, take that as you will.

That’s all we have for this week. As always, watch the injury reports in the early games. They will get you. See you next week!

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