Bruins and the Habs head outside.


(Pic Via:NHL/Shawn Roarke)

Bruins Habs head outside

By: Jacob Fain

Last year we had a spectacular game in Washington, DC. The year before we had a perfect original six match up between the Red Wings and the Leafs and now we get to see the greatest rivalry in all of sports…..outside.  The Boston Bruins will have the winter classic for the second time, the first being against the Flyers at Fenway Park, but now they head to Foxboro and Gilette Stadium. It’s something fans have been asking for for quite some time, two teams who absolutely hate each other playing on the NHL’s  biggest stage. It’s going to be an interesting game first off it’s at the midway point of the season so who knows what Boston is going to look like and I think it is pretty safe to say that Montreal will basically be the same team we’ll see in October. But if both teams are competitive and looking onward to the playoffs the winter classic has the potential to decide a division and ultimately a playoff spot.

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