Brooklyn Nets: Kevin Durant Has Changed NYC Basketball Without Playing A Game

Brooklyn Nets
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The Brooklyn Nets swung for the fences this past offseason. With the additions of Kyrie Irving, DeAndre Jordan, and Kevin Durant, the Nets were expected to make a serious run towards the Eastern Conference Finals. But there is one major hiccup– Durant.

The Nets signed Durant knowing there was a possibility he could miss the entire 2019-20 NBA season. But Sean Marks realized the Nets needed to take a risk on a player who has won two NBA Championships, a league MVP, a scoring title and is in the prime of his career. It was a no brainer there. However, the Nets struggled out the gate as the team looks to build chemistry and has dealt with injuries to Durant and now Irving. But this year was just a warmup to the main course next season.

But through it all, Durant has stayed in the media’s eyes by being as social as he’s been throughout his career. The importance of that has been the reemergence of basketball in NYC. While the New York Knicks have been labeled, “NYC’s team”, the truth of the matter is–they haven’t done much lately to keep that title. The Nets have had their share of ups since coming to Brooklyn, but also their share of bad times as well.

With the Knicks expected to go hard after Irving and Durant during this past offseason, the Nets came in at the last minute and snatched not one, but both of them and then stole DeAndre Jordan away as a free agent who played for the Knicks last season. With Durant on the sidelines, he has used Instagram and Twitter to help keep his name and the Nets relevant. A little more than a week ago, he went toe-to-toe with Bronx native and Hip Hop icon Fat Joe. Joe blasted Durant and Irving about choosing the Knicks and Durant fired back.


But that’s’ not what has made Durant’s time in NYC so special. While most fans would love to get a retweet, mention or like from NBA players, Durant has gone the extra mile and has engaged in dialogue. While he has gone back and forth with a few haters, those fans or non-fans are still in awe over Durant’s presence. What this has done is put another spotlight on the Brooklyn Nets off the court. With the negative comments coming his way, Durant has continued to fire back. The city understands that there has been a changing of the guard so to speak and Durant is leading that change.


No matter what happens on the court this year, the landscape of NYC basketball has changed. The Knicks are struggling, the Nets are looking toward a great future and right in the middle of it all is Kevin Durant and his fingers. Even though he hasn’t suited up for the Nets, he has the organization’s name buzzing. Fans and non-fans are paying attention but most of all, New York City is watching.

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