Brian Dawkins of the Philadelphia Eagles

Brian Dawkins emotional shout out at his Pro-Football Hall Of Fame induction to Eagles' fans gathered in Canton Ohio

Brian Dawkins
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By: Julio Olmo

“Thank you for loving me the way that I love you!”, Brian Dawkins to Eagles Nation.

Old narratives often die hard in network television. Especially when it comes to sports broadcasting.

In Philadelphia a camera shot of cheesesteaks being fried on the grill at Pat’s and Geno’s restaurants or the Rocky statue are always certain. You can book it.

Like in New York, when you’re almost guaranteed to see an obligatory aerial shot of the Statue of Liberty or Times Square.

You can also bank on the week leading into a nationally televised game in Philadelphia, a reference to snowballs being thrown at Santa Claus.

It’s predictable. And it’s gone on for years. It’s the easiest way to push the buttons of a Philadelphia sports fan.

But the pity party is over in Philly. Eagles Nation fans have shown the world what passion is really like!

Last season’s absolute domination by the fans at road games is the new way!

And it was taken to a total different level at the Chargers’ game in Los Angeles when Eagles Nation absolutely took over the place and it was as if the Philadelphia Eagles were playing a home game.

Other cities around the NFL have been put on notice, Eagles’ fan travel well!

They showed up in droves again, outnumbering any other group, to pay tribute to one of their own, Brian Dawkins.

Not surprisingly Dawkins closed his speech acknowledging and thanking the Faithfull.

It was a perfect ending to Brian Dawkins’ induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Brian Dawkins

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Fun fact:
Their Brian Dawkins’ induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame celebration was followed by over 40,000 of them showing up for a Sunday evening practice at the Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.

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