Brady Beats Goodell

Written by LaShawn Encarnacion aka The Dark Knight of Sports

After numerous months of waiting and speculation, the battle between Tom Brady and Roger Goodell has come to an end in New York City court.

The court of New York and Judge Richard Berman has ruled today that he NFL was unfairly punished with the four-game suspension and Judge Berman nullified said suspension and is eligible to play week one, a week from today against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

There have been a couple of key points in the overall investigation that were always holes in the legal and public eye. The “evidence” was always suspect as well as the intention of the NFL front offices motives.

Knowledge of the deflated footballs was clearly proven as completely false. Hence the reason for the four game suspension nullification. It is no secret that Brady’s lack of cooperation was apparent but that was not considered as the appeals case was heard for another reason.

Judge Berman also put into play the current NFL policies and used the other portions of the NFL policy as a measuring stick. In other words, Greg Hardy’s four game suspension was used as a measuring stick. Berman deemed the suspension of Brady was unfair and way over the top. Read the FULL ruling here:

Deflategate Case Ruling

In the end the following is true:

  1. Judge Berman nullifies the four game suspension and Tom Brady is eligible to play week one against the Pittsburgh Steelers.
  2. This ruling does NOT affect the prior punishments of cash given and two draft picks taken from the Patriots.
  3. Roger Goodell’s days are likely numbered as NFL commissioner.

Congratulations to Tom Brady and to Patriots Nation. It is a good day for the Brady faithful and family. Bad day if your Roger Goodell and the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement.


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