Boston Celtics Fans Boo Danny Ainge…Is It Deserved?

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By: Evan Singleton

After Danny Ainge and the Boston Celtics selected Jaylen Brown with the third overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft, the city of Boston erupted.  Now, this was by no means an eruption of joy.  In fact it was an eruption of anger, disappointment, and betrayal.  Needless to say, Boston fans were not on board with the selection or the usage of the number three pick.

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For months, fans were lead to believe there was some sort of a blockbuster trade coming to Boston.  Earlier in the season, at the trade deadline, Ainge told fans something big was coming.  After the deadline passed, the Celtics made no moves. From that point on, fans felt something big would happen at the draft. That is where the big deal would come. However, the C’s did not trade away the third overall pick. Rather, they used it to select the 19-year-old small forward out of the University of California, Jaylen Brown.  Obviously, Boston fans were not on board.

Fans watching at the TD Garden in Boston let out a roar when the pick was announced.  The roar was made up of fans booing general manager Danny Ainge.  The question here is whether or not Ainge truly did make a bad move.  Did Ainge make the right or wrong decision once that draft timer had gone down to zero?

The answer is no.  First and foremost, Boston fans need to separate their unfulfilled expectations from their view of the actual picking of Jaylen Brown.  Most fans were indeed angry right off the bat. However,  this anger was not brought about because the Celtics drafted Jaylen Brown.  The angry was truly present because the fans expected the organization to trade away that pick for a superstar.  Ainge and other members of the organization claim they were never offered anything that was worth accepting.  So why do Celtics fans not believe that?  Fans do not know better than a general manager.

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Jaylen Brown was a great pick for the Celtics roster.  He is unarguably the most physically and athletically ready body in that draft class.  So, think about it as the Celtics, a playoff team, just drafted an athlete they can truly help right away on the court.  Brown is an exciting player that can score and defend. Sure he needs some shooting work, but shooting is something that a player can learn and improve upon.  Speed and athleticism are two things that cannot be taught as easily.  Brown is also incredibly bright.  He has a great head on his shoulders.  Celtics coach Brad Stevens is infatuated by smart players with good basketball IQ’s.  The fact that Brown is able to fit into that category is great.

Overall Danny Ainge did exactly what he needed to do.  The Celtics got a guy that can contribute right away.  Ainge chose what he knew was going to be the unpopular decision, but he did it anyway for the good of the team.  The Celtics decided to keep the pick, and that was the correct player to select with said pick.  So did Danny Ainge deserve to be booed by the Boston Celtics fans after selecting Jaylen Brown at the 2016 NBA Draft? Again, the answer is no.


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