Born To Coach!, Meet Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Sean McVay

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As the youngest head coach in the NFL, Sean McVay brought Hollywood’s team back into playoff contention and the Rams added four Pro Bowlers this spring through free agency or trade, making Los Angeles a legitimate Super Bowl contender.
That approach however is not without risk. The Philadelphia Eagles assembled a similar team in 2011 but that team finished 8-8, then 4-12 and got head coach Andy Reid promptly fired.
But firing Jeff Fisher, with his annual sub-.500 record and hiring McVay was a good move.

“He is the best young Coach in the sport! The Rams were wise to think outside of the box in hiring new blood instead of some retread and it paid dividends immediately!”, Lion Cuban

Sean McVay
Photo via @LionCuban
Lots folks in the NFL have it all wrong and think coaches can only be successful in the league if they have coach for a long time, but the game has changed. What really matters is how they reach the whole team , the relationships they cultivate with front personnel and it trickles down to the fans.



Those seats are not going to buy themselves!


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