Blue Light Special: Dame Ndiaye

By: William Carroll


I have had the pleasure of watching your career from your time at Arizona and Portland State.  What would you say are the 5 biggest and best lessons you’ve learned on your journey?


Dame Ndiaye: 1. Stay focused 2. Be consistent 3. Always shave great practices 4. Keep your body healthy 5. Never give up


  1. The next question, you played for Cree Morris at Hoover High School, what was that program like and what kind of coach was he?


Dame Ndiaye: He was a good coach and great program that let me showcase my skill and athletic ability.


  1. Who were your major rivals?


Dame Ndiaye:  Madison high school.


  1. Your home area is loaded with talent Marcus Allen and Ricky Williams to name a few, who are some of the best players you played with or against while you were in high school or growing up?


Dame Ndiaye: Dillon Baxter, Eric Judge and Pierre Cormier.


  1. What was your recruitment process like, who was interested and how did you choose your school?


Dame Ndiaye: I had offers from Arizona, Miami, Pittsburgh, Hawaii, UCLA but ended up at Arizona because they had 3 defensive ends drafted.


  1. What was the best and the biggest game you had as a high school player?


Dame Ndiaye: Against Madison high school who was the eventual state champs, 6 catches a touchdown, had 80 yards and also had 3 sacks and forced 2 fumbles.


  1. What was your big “Welcome to College Football” Moment?

Dame Ndiaye: At USC as a true freshman being at the colosseum.

8. What is your current height/weight and what are your testing numbers?
Dame Ndiaye: 6″3 247, 40- 4.8 in 45-degree weather and rain, Bench 225-27 repetitions, Vertical 35 ½”, Broad Jump 10’1” Short Shuttle: 4.5 [shuttle in rain also].

  1. How have the systems and staffs at your school impacted your development?

    Dame Ndiaye: Some good and some not so good but learned from each one.

    10. Which coaches have had the greatest impact on you and why?

    Dame Ndiaye: Michael Schaeper, Jeff Hammershicht, Matt Leunen, because they helped me with my development and cared for me as a person and player

    11. How hard was to adjust to the verbiage, system and play-book and when did you feel 100% comfortable?

Dame Ndiaye: It wasn’t very hard it was just all about doing the route techniques and make sure that you always were consistent in everything you did because that was the key to my doe element for someone who hadn’t had a long background of football experience

12. Who have been your favorite teammates, and why?
Dame Ndiaye: Johnny Jackson Max Lyons, Aaron Sibley, Tevin hood, Reggie Gilbert, Dave Richards, Patrick Ownwuasor, John Buffington, Devon Gordon, Darien Washington, Demetrius Jackson, Sir Thomas Jackson, Sadat [Sulleyman]; good friends who I got along with on and off the field.

13. Who have been your favorite opponents and why?

Dame Ndiaye: As a defensive end its The tackle for Washington state name Joe Dahl because he was good physical competition fun to compete against him. For tight end it is Sadat Sulleyman my teammate because he’s the best completion I had in the trenches

14. If you could put together a list of your favorite players to watch or emulate, who is on that list and why?
Dame Ndiaye: Robert Mathis

Jason Pierre-Paul

Aldon smith

Vernon Davis

Will Tye

Virgil Greene


  1. What NFL teams are your favorites and why?

Dame Ndiaye: New York Giants, Lakers, Knicks, Cavaliers, Panthers because 1 I’m from New York, I’m also a big Kobe, LeBron and Cam Newton fan.

16. Which NFL players do you think your game most closely resembles and why?
Dame Ndiaye: Robert Mathis, Aldon Smith and Robert Quinn, because of my ability to get off the ball and rush the passer and for tight end, Vernon. Davis, Will Tye, Virgil Green, because I can block, catch and play the H-Back position.

17. When football is over what would you like to do with your education?

Dame Ndiaye: I’d become a coach or motivational speaker

18. Finally, if you could go back in time to talk to 17 year-old you, what would you tell him?

Dame Ndiaye: Relax Dame, don’t make decisions based off how you’re are feeling at the moment, keep that work ethic and never not finish something you started

  1. And what would you do differently if you could do it all over again?

Dame Ndiaye: Nothing at all.

20. What [if any] is/are your nickname[s] and how did you get it/them?

Dame Ndiaye: Damuuu from my middle school basketball coach
Good Luck!


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