Blue Light Special: Andre Wilson

By: William Carroll

Andre’ Wilson is a Computer Information Systems Major in the

College of Business Administration at Alabama State University and will receive that degree soon, later in the Spring of 2018.  However if that’s all I told you that’d be like just telling you that the Wright Bothers were bicycle mechanics or that Clark Kent was a journalist.

He’s also a very powerful and crafty Defensive Tackle who’s build is as thick, low-slung and sold as a safe. In 2016 he posted 32 tackles, including 13 solo tackles and tacked on 5.5 tackles for a loss of 19 yards. he racked up 4.5 sacks for a loss of 14 yards and recorded one forced fumble and one quarterback hurry. He followed up this past season with 13 solo tackles with 27 assists, 4 TFL with 18 yards lost, 1.5 sacks with 14 lost yards, 1 pass deflection, 6 QB hurries and 1 forced fumble. He is as kind, considerate and humble off of the field as he is ferocious on it.

Meet Andre Wilson.

1. I have had the pleasure of watching your career from your time at Alabama State University. What would you say are the 5 biggest and best lessons you’ve learned on your journey?

The five biggest lessons I’ve learned through my career was [sic] {were}:

1. Building up my confidence level

2. Playing with passion

3. Breaking down the game as a whole

4.Being dedicated to perfecting my craft each and every day because time is precious. 

5. Lastly is having and keep faith in the lord the journey because he knows best for my life.  


2. The next question, you played for  Mark Stroud at  Calvary Day High School, what was that program like and what kind of coach was he? 

Being in a great football program at Calvary Day School built a solid foundation for me as a football player as a whole. Learning how to lift weights and also learning proper techniques on the field that I still carry to this day. Playing under Mark Stroud taught me a lot about football and life as well. “Discipline and Detailed” was his philosophy and he taught us to not only carry it on the field but to have it in life. Anything you want to do in life can be done with having discipline and paying close attention to the smallest details.


3. Who were your major rivals in High School and College? 

In high school, our biggest rival was Savannah Christian Preparatory School.  In college, our rival was Alabama A&M.


4. Your home area is loaded with talent Jalen Myrick and DeAngelo Brown to name a few who are some of the best players you played with or against while you were in college, high school or growing up?

There is always great talent that comes out of Savannah Georgia. Players like: Anthony Lanier, Milan Richard, Aaron Keene, and Tyrone Riley are all players that either played with in high school or played against in high school and college.

5. What was your recruitment process like, who was interested and how did you choose your school? 

Coming out of high school my recruitment process was truly a blessing. Earning a full scholarship to play the sport I love and get a degree was the ultimate goal. I had interest from multiple schools such as Alabama State, Jacksonville University, Jackson State University, Coastal Carolina and Valdosta State. What made me choose Alabama State University was the love I had for the school. It made me feel comfortable as if I was home. I was also surrounded by some of the best coaches in the nation.


6. What was the best game and the biggest play you made as a high school player? 

The best game I played in high school was my senior year when we played Eagles Landings in the game before the State championship. They score a go-ahead touchdown late in the fourth quarter with no time remaining which puts them down by only one point. Instead of going for the extra point they decide to go for two to win the game. They ran a QB power play up the middle and [I] tackle the QB before he reaches the end zone to win the game.

7. What was you big “Welcome to College Football” Moment?

Taking one [sic] {on}, the double team blocks my first day in pads during camp

8. What is your current height/weight and what are your testing numbers?

5’11 285.  I will be expressing my testing numbers on my pro day March 8th[Results]-40: 5.1 Broad Jump: 8’8” Vertical: 31.5” Bench: 23 Repetitions, 20 Yard short shuttle: 4.6 3-Cone: 8.0

 9. How have the systems and staffs at your school impacted your development?

It has played a major impact on my development as a player. Learning and playing in multiple different defensive schemes in the 4-3, 3-4, 4-2-5 taught me the game as a whole. Learning different techniques in playing the 0 tech, 4 tech, Shade, and the 3 tech.

10. Which coaches have had the greatest impact on you and why? 

The three coaches that have impacted me the most are my defensive line coach Bob Dimmitt in high school. He gave the foundation of how to play defensive line. Learning how to read blocks that are given and doing my job. Demarco McNeil is another defensive line coach I play[ed] under my freshman and sophomore year in college. He taught me the aggression, attitude along with technique in playing defensive line. Osita  Alaribe is also another defensive line coach I played under my senior year in college. He taught me pure technique and fundamentals of defensive line play. He also taught me the game as a whole in knowing what to expect from the offensive or offensive line.

11. How hard was to adjust to the verbiage, system and play-book and when did you feel 100% comfortable? 

It wasn’t hard at all to adjust to verbiage. The only challenging thing there was to learn was the 3-4 schemes my sophomore and junior year switching from the 4-3. I felt most comfortable my senior year moving back to the four-man front.

12. Who have been your favorite teammates, and why? Brandon Watkins, Jaquez Boswer, Roderick Henderson.

They kept it real with me and I’ve also learned so much from them. Hey pushed me harder than I thought I could myself.

13. Who have been your favorite opponents and why?

Alabama A&M, Grambling State University, and also Jackson State University. They all put up a good fight when we played those teams every year.

14. If you could put together a list of your favorite players to watch or emulate, who is on that list and why?

Aaron Donald, Grady Jarrett, Mike Daniels, and Geno Atkins. They all represent the shorter defensive tackles and they also play Physical and fast

15. What NFL teams are your favorites and why? 

[The] Atlanta Falcons, Miami Dolphins, Los Angeles Rams, Green Bay Packers, Jacksonville Jaguars. These teams fit the schemes I would love to play in.

16. Which NFL players do you think your game most closely resembles and why? 

Aaron Donald and Grady Jarrett. They both play with great pad level and also have great quickness attacking blocks.

17. When football is over what would you like to do with your education? 

I would like to own my business in giving back to the youth and being a productive role model in life.

18. Finally if you could go back in time to talk to 17 year-old you, what would you tell him?

I would tell the 17 year old me that life is a journey and as you experience [it] you will grow as a person a truly find God and yourself.

19. And what would you do differently if you could do it all over again?

I wouldn’t do anything differently, everything I have done in my life has made me and has gotten to where I’m at today.

20. What [if any] is/are your nickname[s] and how did you get it/them?

My High School Nickname was ‘Big Sexy.’ I was just big and sexy {obviously!}. My college nicknames were: big daddy, Oxtail, Casper, and Tank. I got those names due to my big lower body and my strength and quickness  






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