A Blockbuster Deal

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By: Colton Wood

News broke this afternoon of a pre-draft trade between the Cleveland Browns and Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles, who had the eighth overall pick in the first round prior to the deal, decided to trade for the Browns’ number two overall pick in this year’s draft and also a fourth-round pick in 2017. In exchange, Cleveland receives the Eagles’ 2016 eighth (1st round), 77th (3rd round), and 100th (4th round) overall draft picks alongside Philadelphia’s first-round pick in 2017 and a second-round pick in 2018.

Now, what does this mean for both teams? Since the Eagles’ trade only moves them up six spots in the first round this year, it is clear that they want a quarterback. For a franchise that recently re-signed two quarterbacks in Sam Bradford and Chase Daniel, this trade came as a shock. Is Bradford or Daniel the answer in Philly? No, but they now have over $58 million in guaranteed quarterback contracts.

It is likely that the Rams will take quarterback Jared Goff with the first overall pick, so it is expected the Eagles will end up drafting former North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz. In 2014, the Browns and Eagles traded their first-round picks and Cleveland ended up selecting the troubling Johnny Manziel with that pick. Although I’m not saying Wentz has the same personality and off-the-field issues as Manziel, Philly has put a lot on the line to draft second overall.

This blockbuster trade brings back memories from the Redskins trade mishap in 2012 with the Rams. After giving away multiple draft picks to the Rams to, similar from the Eagles, receive the second overall draft pick, the Redskins selected Robert Griffin III. This turned out to be a huge bust. Could the Eagles wind up getting the next Joe Montana? Yes, but there is always that concern.

For a struggling Browns team, this trade should definitely help them build their franchise during the draft. For the Eagles, this trade has a huge risk-reward factor.

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