Bio Kim’s Golf Suspension

conduct unbecoming

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By: Julio Olmo

Bio Kim flipping the bird at a cell-phone wielding fan, did take conduct unbecoming of a professional to another level and it was worthy of the fine he received.

However, even if it is a cultural thing, a one-year suspension and the hours of community service ordered by the Korean Professional Golfers’ Association are excessive for his outburst.

Bio Kim outburst was caused by a fan who intentionally distracted him mid-swing in the heat of a final round.

The man got down on his knees and begged for forgiveness in front of television cameras, yet he is now without a tour to play for a year.

That is absolutely ridiculous and PGA officials need to step-in and remedy this situation immediately because it is obvious that the Korean Professional Golfers’ Association has a personal vendetta against Bio Kim.

I know a set-up when, I hear it.

Bio Kim won that tournament even after hitting a 100-yard dribbler induced by the cell phone noise and is a former PGA Tour and Korn Ferry Tour cardholder.

The PGA needs to find a golf tournament place in which Bio Kim can play.

While it has been great seeing images of so many Japanese fans happy to see the world’s best play in the ZOZO, the reality is that the players already have enough on their plates.

The prospect of some device-related distraction and being mic-up makes the golfers’ delicate task that much trickier.

Any golfer who has been bothered by a noise on their swing relates to Kim’s plight.

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