Biggest Sports Story of 2016? Chicago Cubs win the World Series after 108 years!


Chicago Cubs

By: Julio Olmo

Unless you are a true Chicago Cubs’ fan, you will never fully understand the kind of demons that were exorcised when the Cubbies won the World Series.

I was on a ride along with a coworker who is a Cubs’ fan during the entire 2016 campaign and felt every emotional turn.

“Yo! BV…The Cubbies look good this year…”, I would say to him.

“We gonna win maybe 100 games this season.”, BV would say to me with excitement.

“I hope they don’t get swept by the Mets again in the playoffs, like last time!”, I would heckle BV back.

“Why you gotta bring that up?!?”, BV would say to me.

These exchanges will go on back and forward all year.

The Cubs will go on a winning streak…

“They’re peaking too soon!”, BV would say.

Cubs fell behind 3-1 to the Indians in the World Series…

“I really thought we finally had beat The Curse!”, BV.

Cubbies win the World Series…

“This is the happiest day of my life!”, BV.

Hundreds of thousands of Chicago Cubs’ fans, including celebrity Bill Murray, partied well into the next day as the Cubbies finally won the World Series after a 108 year drought.

Bill Murray with Harry Caray, photo via NoCoastBias.Com

“(Gotta tell you Billy)…As certain as God made green apples…The Chicago Cubs will win the World Series one day!”, Harry Caray

The mastermind behind all this?, who Cubbies’ fans will owe their eternal gratitude!

The Curse Killer, Theo Epstein.

Epstein was also the mastermind behind the Red Soxs winning a World Series, which was eerily similar as well.

The Curse of The Goat, Steve Bartman’s bad judgment or being down in the World Series three games to one were no match for The Curse Killer.

The man probably eats adversity for breakfast!

I could just hear him on telephone with Joe Maddon…

“That’s all they got Joe! Go get ’em!”

and the Chicago Cubs did!

Photo by TheChicagoTribune.Com


“The moment Lebron James realized that indeed The Biggest Sports Story in 2016 was the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series!”

Photo by Fox32Chicago.Com



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