Can Berto Be a Modern Day Douglas?

By: Marcus “Mook” Washington

When it was announced that Floyd Mayweather’s next opponent would be Andre Berto, it was met with outrage. To be fair, most of the outrage came from people who are fringe boxing fans and people who hate Mayweather. But, this might not be the easy going away party people might think.

When you look at ‘modern’ Floyd Mayweather Jr., he’s had bad moments with three guys: Cotto, Maidana (first fight) and Hatton. I don’t include Shane Mosely because that was a one round run by Shane. The rest of the fight Shane looked old and ineffective. Cotto, Maidana and Hatton all had one thing in common, they came forward. This is what gives Berto a puncher’s chance.

Even in his losses, Berto shows incredible heart and will keep coming forward. Mayweather doesn’t have the type of power that will make Berto think twice, this is what makes this fight shockingly intriguing. Berto has the power to hurt Mayweather is he can take advantage of Floyd laying on the ropes waiting to counter.

Berto has everything Robert Guerrero promised to do. He’s relentless and he’s willing to take punishment. Cotto, Maidana, and Hatton all kept punching despite being countered effectively. All kept throwing power punches and tried to gain leverage to lean on Mayweather and get off punches. Berto is cut from that cloth and that’s the reason why I give him a better chance of beating Mayweather than I did Canelo.

Remember, styles makes fights. There’s no way Berto is a better fighter than Canelo but his style will give Mayweather a lot more trouble. So while most expect a blowout (and why wouldn’t they), it wouldn’t shock me if Berto gives us a show similar to Buster Douglas because for all the complaints about boxing, it’s given us the incredible upset time and time again.

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