Ben Bishop the road warrior

By: Jacob Fain

The Tampa Bay Lightning defeated the mighty New York Rangers in Game 7…on the road.

Bishop allowed 15 goals in Tampa, but on the road in New York allowed four goals, not over a span of one game, but in a four-game stretch. He clearly dominated.

So now, can he handle the Ducks or the Blackhawks? He shut down the beast team in the league for the most part, so the Ducks won’t be such a huge problem, but the Hawks are a horse of a different color. The Hawks are fast where the Ducks and Rangers are stronger and more physical, which could be a pretty big pain for the Bolts.

Then again, Game 7 in the West hasn’t been decided yet, and either team could win. I have the Mighty Ducks winning. A Lightning/Ducks final would really be the best thing for the sport; two teams who have not been to the final game in a while would be huge.

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