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By: Mari C.

The responsibilities of professional sports players throughout the years has always come with a rulebook, for on and off the field. We have players who rise to the occasion, whether it be positive or negative, and we have players who prefer to live their lives more subtle. However, with the rise of social media in the last 24 months, fans and media members have an avenue to express themselves about a player’s actions. We often see the negative side glorified because it gets people talking and the more attention, the more money right? The goal of my blog will be to highlight the players and their stories who take the saying “don’t be a tool” to heart. There is a lot of good that surrounds the lives of professional sports players. These players deserve the good press. The fans deserve it and we should focus on it a bit more than we do the negativity.

As the NFL’s regular season comes to an end, we can reflect on so many high profile controversies that tarnished the league’s image. From Adrian Peterson’s legal case to Ray Rice’s very public fight with his wife, we have seen our share of negativity surrounding the NFL. As most of you know, I am not a Raiders fan and rarely do I care to see or share anything associated with the silver and black. But, in the spirit of Christmas, I came across this heartwarming story that reminded me to not be a grinch this holiday season.

Source: Ron Futrell

Former Florida State offensive lineman Menelik Watson of the Oakland Raiders recently heard about a young girl named Ava. Ava Urrea is 4 years old and a devoted fan of the boys from Oakland. She suffers from a condition called hypoplastic syndrome. This syndrome has caused her to undergo numerous procedures on her heart, according to Yahoo! Sports. When Watson heard of her story, he was moved by her resiliency and donated his game check of $8,000 to her. While the money is important to helping Ava’s family with hospital bills, I’m confident that she will remember this moment for a long time. We need more players like Watson in the league, or at least we need to show them more love. It’s a great story and exactly what is needed this time of year.


Happy Holidays!

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