The Beantown Green Smoothie
By: Rob Botts
Green smoothies are healthy. Really healthy. They’ve got all the good stuff to help our bodies thrive. Everybody has their favorite recipe / version of this power punch. Some people add green apples while some add some celery. Others will fire some green peppers or kale into their favorite high powered blender.  All in the name of green power. Speaking of green power….

Boston Celtic’s general manager Danny Ainge has been known to get quite creative in the kitchen over his reign of the franchise with 17 NBA world championships. But his addition from last year that is really coming into it’s own with a fantastic finishing taste is none other than point guard Isaiah Thomas. Thomas was snatched out of the Phoenix Sun’s kitchen last season and it appears that the formula has been upgraded. Smoothies are just that. Smooth. They are a mixture of different parts that provide that smooth result that everybody if looking for.
Isiah Thomas is the Beantown Smoothie. Here is a quick look into the recipe:
Toughness: Your smoothie must be tough in spirit but not in taste. This part just doesn’t quit. He can be knocked down and beat up but he just keeps fighting no matter what situation he has been placed into. His teammates notice this and they begin to pick up his pace.
Quickness: Your smoothie must get your nutritional needs to you fast! This part is quick to the point where you are spinning your head around to figure out where Thomas just went. He slips through screens and traps with ease and fires to the rim with resourcefulness.
Edginess: You always want your smoothie to have some kick to it. Thomas has quit the kick. If he is pumped or hit had you can bet he is coming right back at you and then some. It might be in the form of a quick handed slap for the ball or maybe a shoulder block coming off a screen. Either way, the opponent can literally feel the edge.
Clutch playmaking: The smoothie parts must all fit together just right. As a point guard you must have command of the team and make the right call and play at the most important time for your team. That is exactly what Thomas has been doing. He knows when to hold ’em and when to pass ’em. And it is very, very sweet.
Pesky defense: The smoothie must keep at your taste buds constantly and aggressively. Thomas keeps the pressure on the player bringing the ball up in such a disruptive way that it helps out the rest of the defense and makes their jobs that much easier. He really slows opponent’s offensive flow at the spout.
Nice jumper: A smoothie must always make that thought bubble appear above your head after just gulping down that last sip that reads, “Nice.” It just tastes so nice. Isaiah’s jumper is just that. Nice. He unleashes it off of pick and rolls, down screens, off the dribble or direct passes from a teammate in the fast break or half court situations. It’s got a very nice arc to it and tickles the twine oh so very NICELY.
Fire starter: A smoothie must ignite an internal energetic fire storm that blasts you into your day. Thomas is that spark for the Celtics. He gets them going and fired up by his play and attitude.
Mix all these parts together and you’ve got quite a basketball smoothie. Isaiah Thomas is tasting fantastic right now for the team and fans of Boston. The Celtics gulped him down on opening night and it gave them all the NBA nutrition to take out a very weak Philadelphia 76ers team.
The Beantown Smoothie? To quote the great Homer Simpson, “Mmmmmmmmmm….”


Rob Botts
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