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By: Brandon Blake

The one big thing that was weighing on my mind about last week’s NFL games was the Cleveland/Washington game. What a mess that game was on Sunday.

One of the big items of that game (outside of the fumble I will talk about later in the Babble) was Washington defensive back Josh Norman being fined $10,000 for “excessive celebration” after an interception. That excessive celebration was Norman doing a bow-and-arrow routine so yes this fine by the NFL was once again, ridiculous and excessive.

For a league that claims it is about “entertainment”, the NFL front office is doing their best to stymie the players being allowed to express themselves whenever they make a successful play on the field. Antonio Brown can’t do his dance and Josh Norman can’t do a bow-and-arrow celebration? This is the hill the NFL wants to go out on? Players celebrating?

Look the NFL without a doubt has its issues and I’m not going to go over them because we all know the issues but cracking down on players celebrating a touchdown, a sack or an interception is pretty damn low on the list of items the NFL needs to change.


-Dolphins over Titans

* This game may get postponed or canceled because of Hurricane Matthew. I really don’t have anything else to say but to the people who have already been affected and could be affected by Matthew, you are in my prayers and thoughts and please stay safe.

Patriots over Browns

* So the Browns got hosed by that bad call by the refs last Sunday at Washington and now have to turn around and play a Patriots team that is coming off an ugly loss to Buffalo at home and Tom Brady is coming back? What have the Browns done to deserve this?

(At least the good people of Cleveland have the Cavs NBA title to hold on to. And my message to the people of Cleveland is this: Do not let the Browns bad luck distract you from the fact that the 73-win Warriors team blew a 3-1 lead to the Cavs in the NBA Finals last summer.)

Steelers over Jets

* That Steeler offense looked explosive on Sunday night against a solid Kansas City defense. I don’t trust their defense but if their offense keeps being excellent and their defense holds serve, they are one of the best teams in the AFC. Now the Steelers face the Jets and Ryan Fitzpatrick and I don’t know if the Jets will test them on defense because Ryan Fitzpatrick is not very good.

Ravens over Washington

-Vikings over Texans

*The Texans still have a bad offense and now they have to travel to play the Vikings and their awesome defense? Sorry about that Texans.


Colts over Bears

* If the Colts lose this game to the Bears, I expect Colts head coach Chuck Pagano will be getting that “come into the office on Monday morning” call from Jim Irsay.


-Eagles over Lions


-Broncos over Falcons

* I am looking forward to this game because the Falcons offense this season has been fantastic and the Broncos defense this season has been stout but neither team has really faced a formidable defense (or offense in Denver’s case) so this will be fun to watch as a fan.

Rams over Bills

* Welcome to the “two teams who have winning records but I do not trust at all” bowl.

(The only way I could trust these teams any less is if the Rams were coached by Trump and the Bills were coached by Mike Pence)

(Damn it, now I’m going to have the ugly Trump trolls on me. Bring it on.)

Bengals over Cowboys

-Raiders over Chargers

* CBS Announcer: How will the Chargers blow a double digit lead this week? Tune in as the Chargers face the Raiders on Sunday on CBS. Followed by 60 minutes except on the West Coast and an all new Criminal Minds.”

Packers over Giants

* If Odell Beckham does have a serious issue in regards to his mental health, then he needs all the support he can get from his team and not this being thrown under the bus by Eli Manning business.

(And I believe the second Presidential Debate is on Sunday too so social media will not be busy at all.)

Panthers over Bucs

* Another game that may be postponed because of Hurricane Matthew. One more time for the people in Matthew’s path


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