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By: Brandon Blake

As Week 3 in the NFL ended and as we approach the start of Week 4 in the NFL, I could not help it but I had one question that was bothering me all week. A question that has been baffling me for the last five days and that question was this:

“Who told Cam Newton it was a good idea to dress up like the Monopoly Man?”

I’m sorry but I saw him looking like he told a reporter to “Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200” and that has been bothering me all week. Cam took a pair of losses this Sunday, one to the Vikings and his outfit and I am not looking forward to what he will wear this week.

Also, it is reported that Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon will be checking into rehab instead of returning to the field after his suspension. I want to say that I hope that he gets the treatment needed in order to be a healthier person. I feel that health and well-being is a hell of a lot more important than a game. Get well Josh.

Before we get to the picks from this week, I want to send my prayers and thoughts to the family of the late Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez. Fernandez was killed in a boating accident last weekend. While I am not a big baseball fan as I used to be, what I read and heard about him showed that Fernandez was an otherworldly talent with a warm, friendly personality and he will be missed.

RIP Jose Fernandez.


-Colts over Jaguars

* As a Jags fan, there is nothing like waking up at 8 am to watch your team coached by Gus Bradley find a way to lose a game on the other side of the world. Seriously, if Jacksonville play poorly this Sunday, then the Jags should leave Bradley in London and tell him to find his own way back to Duval county.

Patriots over Bills

* The Bills had a very convincing (and surprising) win over Arizona last week but the Patriots are just on another level and no matter who is quarterbacking the Pats (Jimmy G, Jacoby Brissett, Drew Beldsoe, Scott Zolak, Tony Eason) the Pats are just too damn good right now.

Seahawks over Jets

* Just wanted to make an announcement that I just intercepted a Ryan Fitzpatrick pass on Tuesday.

(How bad is the Jets quarterbacking situation when head coach Todd Bowles does NOT pull Fitzpatrick after six interceptions? The Jets would rather keep him in there as he is throwing the ball to the other team than trot out Geno Smith, Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg. That goes to show you how bad the Jets quarterback situation is right now.)

Texans over Titans

* The Texans losing JJ Watt is a big blow to that defense as he was their everything. Watt is such an otherworldly defensive force whose talent cannot be replicated. Now with Watt out, the Texans offense has to step up and it is not going to be easy. According to Football Outsiders, the Texans have the worst offense according to their DVOA rankings. Now is their season doomed? No because they play in the AFC South and they should be fine but any plans of advancing in the AFC playoffs are not going to happened if their offense doesn’t pick things up.


Ravens over Raiders

-Browns over Washington

* I don’t know what to make of the Ravens just yet and I know they are 3-0 so far. But they have beaten the so-so Bills, the Browns (more on them in a moment) and the terrible Jags. Should they win, I think we still won’t know who they are yet.

* As for the Browns, they are 0-3 and they are what their record says they are to paraphrase the old Bill Parcells saying. But this team despite their lack of depth and their quarterback situation, are playing well enough to be competitive and had leads against Baltimore and Miami before losing them. The thing for the Browns is that they have to hold on to those leads and I think they can breakthrough and get a big win on the road against Washington.

Bears over Lions

-Panthers over Falcons

* Atlanta’s offense looked very good on Monday Night when they defeated the Saints. But that defense is bad and has given up at least 28+ points in the first three games this season.

* Carolina’s offense got whacked by the Vikings on Sunday but their defense is still there and can get to the quarterback.

* I’ll take the Panthers defense and Cam “Mr. Monopoly” Newton over the Falcons on Sunday.


-Cardinals over Rams

* Yes the LA Rams are 2-1 but if you think that the Rams are a good football team then I got some Jake Locker rookie cards to sell you that are in excellent condition and are worth a fortune.

Kansas City over Steelers

* The last time these two teams played was last year when Kansas City was 1-5 and defeated the Steelers at Arrowhead. That win propelled Kansas City to a 12 game winning streak that included a playoff win over Houston.

* This time around, both of these teams are very talented but I think KC is a bit better than Pittsburgh. I expect a very close contest between these two on Sunday night.

Vikings over Giants

* Excuse me Odell? You know when you are going up against the Vikings defense on Monday night, it won’t be like fighting that kicking net, right? Unlike that kicking net, the Vikings defense will fight back.

Enjoy the Games

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