Batter Up for Baseball


By:Caroline Merrill

Aaahhh… spring is in the air and you know what that means? Baseball season. It’s time to spend the next six months admiring the toned tushies in baseball pants while drinking that cold ballpark beer. If you’re from the south like me then there is a strong chance you grew up an Atlanta Braves fan and games at Turner Field are the best. AMIRITE?? Since lists are kind of my thing, below you will find items to help you make the most out of baseball season. I have put together a compilation of items to help you look the part and talk the talk.

Here we go…

  1. REP YO CITY. Find the closest MLB team and show your support. How can you show your support? Two things: go to the games (obviously) and dress the part. Treat yo self to some baseball team swag:

distressed baseball cap with team logo

cutoff jean shorts

comfy top


cross body bag

  1. Once you have picked your team, it is time for you to learn who their best players are. Learn their names, number and position. If you are feeling confident, reach for that stat sheet. Good news: most baseball players are pretty fiiiiine so find your hottie and become his #1 fan in the stands.
  2. Your next step is to learn the lingo. Please do not ask who scored a touchdown. Don’t be that person. Make sure you understand the difference between a ball and a strike. You need to know how many outs there are and how many innings are in a game. Bottom line: know the basic rules so you can cheer at the right moment.
  3. Now that you are well versed in the game and well dressed, start following your team on social media. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are full of fun facts and photos of baseball hotties flaunting their baseball bodies in their adorable baseball pants.
  4. I have saved the best for last: stadium food. I fully support your decision to pick a team based on the food their stadium is known for. A big thank you to Esquire for mapping out the best MLB eats. Bless up.


And remember… there’s no crying in baseball.

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