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Welcome back Tiger Woods…We Miss You!

May 30, 2017 2

By: Julio Olmo IĀ have admit, it was fascinating to see Tiger Woods fall from grace and watch him try to answer all of those embarrassing questions about his marital indiscretions. Injuries derailedĀ Tiger’sĀ pursuit of Jack Nicklausā€™ […]

NBA Nicknames…Favorites!

May 17, 2017 0

By : Julio Olmo Nicknames are usually indicative of someoneā€™s personality. Itā€™s an odd stamp. No matter how hard an individual tries,Ā the personĀ can not give themselves a nickname because it comes across as arrogant. NBA […]

Philadelphia Flyers Hockey

May 5, 2017 0

By: Julio Olmo At one time during the 1980s all four professional teams in Philadelphia were world champions or runners-up to a championship. And for good measure in 1985 the Villanova Wildcats upset the heavily […]

LeBron James…The Chosen

April 21, 2017 0

“The Chosen was born to play ball and he knew it from the first time that he pick up a basketball and his gift was unquestionable from childhood.” […]

San Antonio Spurs Head Coach, Gregg Popovich

April 11, 2017 0

By: Julio Olmo “You come at the king, you best not miss!”, Omar Little ~ The Wire It always floors me when reporters ask Gregg Popovich generic questions during his press conferences. Sports has change […]

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