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How’s it going? I’m Rob Botts, a Boston native currently living in Los Angeles California. I’m a published writer, cartoonist, actor, former college basketball player (Div. III… don’t get too excited), and former coach of summer sports camps back in New England. I’m incredibly passionate about sports and in particular the National Basketball Association (NBA). I publish a weekly comic strip entitled “Boston Bobby” that follows the daily trials and tribulations of this crazy Boston sports fan. I may be very level headed, but my cartoon alter ego is not. My favorite teams are, of course, the Pats, Celtics, Bruins, Red Sox and the Revs…Yes, I follow soccer too—from afar. Let’s talk some sports!!!

Let them be resolute….

January 9, 2015 0

By: Rob Botts Alright everybody, still sticking to your new year’s resolutions? For those of you who are still currently running on that treadmill and to those of you who have fallen back to raiding […]

Minute Man

January 5, 2015 0

By: Rob Botts He’s all about the minute… Man. Or at least he used to be and that might not be a bad thing.

To Slither or to Swoosh….

December 30, 2014 1

By: Rob Botts With number 24 (formally number 8) of the Los Angeles Lakers recently passing number 23 (no reference needed) there are some people out there saying that Kobe Bryant might actually be the […]


December 30, 2014 0

By: Rob Botts As Mr. Mark Cuban and his power cohorts are busy transferring funds, updating their power statuses on social networks only reserved for the uber-wealthy, the last contender for the day walks into […]

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