Athletes are Leading While Owners are Lagging

During this time of unmitigated panic, fear, and uncertainty, I do want to give credit where credit is due.

And it is definitely not politicians or anyone in the federal government, with the exception of medical experts.

Certainly, extemporaneous praise needs to be showered upon nurses, doctors, and other health care workers who are working tirelessly.

I want to give a personal shout-out to the athletes who have stepped up in various ways to alieve some of the suffering.

There have been too many examples to count of the extraordinary efforts on the part of major athletes who donated their time, money, and influence to raise awareness of this pandemic and promoting overall health and well-being.

Across all leagues, generosity is paramount.

Some notable examples include NBA players such as Kevin Love, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Zion Williamson, and many others who have donated a significant amount of money to cover the salaries of the arena workers.

Something the Owners/CEOs have completely neglected to do and at this point, the federal government has rewarded them for their greed.

Someone once said that nobody goes to a game to watch a rich billionaire sit in an executive box

That couldn’t be truer.

Nobody wears a jersey with that person’s name on the back or a number that gives off what their annual net worth is.

In fact, historically it is those rich billionaires that have often felt the wrath from fans and players alike.

With good reason, I might add.

Now there is more justification for such contempt.

It seems as though those same rich billionaires who oversee franchise operations are not taking any responsibility during this time of tremendous panic.

As sports have completely shut down, the workers at the publicly funded stadiums that house athletic greatness has been left out in the cold.

Their financial well-being has been compromised and their livelihood is in jeopardy.

To help them get a leg up has been the generosity and compassion of the athletes.

With the exception of Mark Cuban and Tony Ressler of the Atlanta Hawks who have stepped up, no other owners/CEO’s of major sports franchises have contributed one penny.

Only time will tell how long this period of widespread inactivity will last and one can only hope that people are taking the advice of the medical professionals seriously and that the government can get their act together.

In the midst of all this chaos, which has come at a time in history where athletes are getting more socially and politically involved, there is a reckoning that we all have to do our part.

Someone should say to the billionaires it’s your turn.

Zachary Draves
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Violence Prevention Educator, Activist, MSW Student at Aurora University, Adjunct Professor of Social Justice and Civic Engagement at Dominican University, Aspiring Filmmaker, Alliance for Social Workers in Sports, You Can Play Project Ambassador, Co-Founder of West Chicago Suburbs Chapter of Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ), Co-Founder of Racial and Gender Justice in Sports Project, Organizing White Men For Collective Liberation (OWMCL)

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