At The End of June How Good Are The Red Sox

As we approach the end of June the Red Sox are pretty much almost at the half way point of the regular season. The Red Sox are in second place in the AL East with a 43-35 record while the Yankees are in first.
The Red Sox have the talent and should be better. Right now Chris Sale who’s been on fire all season, has a 10-3 record with a 2.77 ERA, Drew Pomeranz who is 7-4 on the season but the ERA is a little high at 3.81. Eduardo Rodriguez still injured, while David Price, and Rick Porcello have both sucked so far. For Rick Porcello you could say last year’s CY Young was a fluke at this point unless he turns it around.
For David Price he better start pitching like a $31 million dollar pitcher and not worried about going home to see his dogs and mother-in -law.
The bullpen has been up and down between Matt Barnes, Robby Scott, And Joe Kelly has ranked second in the Majors with a 2.99 ERA. Craig Kimbrel hasn’t been used in the eighth inning as much, John Farrell got mad at Rich Keffe on WEEI yesterday when asked about using Kimbrel in the eighth. Farrell responded with “I don’t know what your talking about.”
Its clear they need bullpen help and a third baseman has Pablo Sandoval is a lost cause. Devon Marrero has helped when he’s been at the spot but if they want to go further than the ALDS another power hitter and good third baseman would be good.
Lastly the Red Sox don’t seem to hit for Porcello or Price like they aren’t into it. When Sale pitches it seems like the bats come alive. Why is that? Maybe because Sale has that vibe of winning and not let anything get to him. Red Sox are in a good spot but need to fix the holes they have if they want to go anywhere in October.

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