Andrew Luck: Back To Business

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck celebrates after Jack Doyle scored on a three yard touchdown reception during the first half of an NFL football game against the Denver Broncos, Sunday, Nov. 8, 2015, Indianapolis. (AP Photo/AJ Mast)

By: Joe Cardoso

When you play in 32 out of a possible 80 games people start to question you and wonder if maybe you are overrated. When news first broke about Andrew Luck having a shoulder injury and missing some time most people didn’t think the worst of it, he played QB and this is sometimes to be expected. Quickly things turned into would he ever throw a football again, and overseas trips for injections of God knows what into the shoulder. No one no matter how hard you looked online could find a video or picture of the former Stanford star THROWING a ball. This season we hear names like Drew Brees, Patrick Mahomes, Jared Goff and many more but maybe we should talk more about Luck. His team is right in the hunt for the wild card spot and getting better each week. The throw that Andrew is making show me and the league that he is healthy and right back to where he was pre-injury.

Matched up with what seems to be the perfect coach in Frank Reich the Colts are fun to watch they play hard. In the 4 straight wins for the Colts, the main factor has been the play of Luck and the numbers show it.
Past 7 Games:
2,107 yards, completing 66.7% of his passes and 24 touchdowns and 6 interceptions.
He also now has tossed at least 3 touchdowns in 7 games in a row
Rumors of him falling off are dead wrong, and to truly understand how far he has come you have to remember he was only tossing light balls months ago. 9 MONTHS! Did you see the ball he threw yesterday on a rope to T.Y. Hilton?

If I were a top ranked QB or any player for that matter Andrew Luck is who I would look to as far as fighting back and being on top again. Look at what he has gone through in his career already. The first overall pick in 2012 tore cartilage in his ribs, lacerated a kidney, tore muscles in his abdomen, suffered a concussion and played through a rolled ankle and a sprained thumb. But we also saw him beat Peyton Manning in the playoffs and figured he was on his way to battles with the best in the league. Writer Zak Keefer had an outstanding article on the journey Luck went on to be where he is today.

To those who counted him out, you may want to rethink that one and watch a Colts game. He is ballin out once more and this team is one no one wants to face in the playoffs. The NFL like all leagues is full of good stories of players overcoming injury or personal issues, for me the return of Andrew Luck is one of the best in the 2018 NFL season. Welcome back Mr.Luck.

Joe Cardoso
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