Alex Rodriguez snubbed, eh not so fast

Written by: LaShawn Encarnacion aka The Dark Knight of Sports

The 2015 MLB All-Star Game is this coming weekend. All the starters and reserves have been named. One particular polarizing name left OFF the final ballot and not getting into the festivities is one, Yankees DH Alex Rodriguez.

Now granted A-Rod has hit the most home runs by a DH this year (16) which is ahead of Evan Gattis of the Houston Astros and Prince Fielder of the Texas Rangers. Also has the highest slugging percentage in the American League at the DH position (.505). A-Rod also is breaking records in MLB history, got his 3,000th hit via the home-run in Yankee Stadium, fourth all time on home run list, eighth all time in runs scored, third all time in RBI, 25th all time in hits, so it would seem that since the All-Star Weekend is to showcase the greats past and present, that Alex Rodriguez would seem to have somewhat of a slam dunk case to get in.




BUT WAIT. He is not only not considered on the main ballots but American League Manager Ned Yost went even further as to not select A-Rod as one of the final five for the fans to vote into the All-Star Game. Yost is not the only one who thinks so:


Yost and others say no snub for ARod


In the end, it comes down to one word, versatility. Alex Rodriguez has been the DH all season long. Prince Fielder, who is a reserved DH can also play 1st base if necessary. It gives Yost much more to work with, especially with what is on the line, home-field advantage in the World Series. One thing that he wants his Kansas City Royals to have very much if they make it to the big game in October.

So Alex Rodriguez not going to the All-Star Game is NOT because of his PED admissions. It is NOT because he comes across as sports most humongous tool. It is NOT because it would reek of hypocrisy if A-Rod was allowed to go to Cincinnati but Pete Rose, the conductor of the Big Red Machine was continued to be kept out of any and all MLB events.

Alex Rodriguez is not an All-Star because Alex Rodriguez is not needed on the American League roster. There is no place for a player who can only do one thing, HIT. Roster spots are at a premium and the stakes are never any higher than home-field. Yost is making a sound baseball decision. Then again, considering how his Royals continue to dominate the American League this year, why should anyone challenge this decision to begin with anyway.


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