AFC East Preview – 4 reasons the Buffalo Bills will win the AFC East

By: Carl Pfeiffer

Well, training camp is finally upon us. Now we can start really talking football and talk a little less about “what ifs” and deflated footballs. For the last decade and a half the AFC East preview has been nine words; The New England Patriots will win the AFC East.

Despite their most recent Super Bowl win I think there could be a new sheriff in the AFC East.

Here are five reasons why the Buffalo Bills could be the surprise team of the AFC.

New England’s got problems

I don’t know if you have heard but, Commissioner Roger Goodell refuses to believe QB Tom Brady’s all-American fairy tale that he knew nothing about the deflated football’s used in the AFC Championship game. Last week Goodell upheld the four game suspension for Brady and of course Tommy is sticking by his story and is taking his case to court. This has a pretty good chance of going on all season.
Which of course…we Bills fans think is great.

Oh, and don’t forget that the Pats lost both corners in free agency, their best offensive lineman up’d and retired and future hall of fame DT Vince Wolfork is gone.

Yeah I know Bill Belichick is the master of managing distractions but this is going to be too much for even Belichick.

The Bills will figure out their QB situation.

I don’t know if you believe in Karma, but the Golden Anniversary of the Super Bowl is this year. And for you kids out there the Buffalo Bills 25 years ago played in the Silver Anniversary of the Super Bowl.

Going into the 1990 season there were plenty of questions surrounding the Bills. ’89 was the year of the Bickering Bills and there were even rumblings about Jim Kelly’s ability to lead us to the super bowl promised land and questions surrounded the offensive line and defensive backfield.

The Bills were considered good but, flawed.

They went 13-3 and won the AFC.

And, I do not think this QB saga is going to drag out all through camp. I personally think EJ Manuel is the guy but, we’ll see.

I know this….Rex is going to get this figured it out quick and whoever plays QB is not going to be asked to be Aaron Rodgers. We will get solid QB play…and with our defense that will be enough.
Oh yeah and there is this…the Buffalo Bills are loaded with talent. In case you have not heard the Bills have the best defensive line in football and LeSean McCoy, Charles Clay and Percy Harvin all now play in Buffalo.

The Jets are well…the Jets

Do you really believe the Jets are better? I know they got WR Brandon Marshall (and there is a reason he is playing for his fourth team) and yes…Darrelle Revis is still the best corner in the NFL but…cmon now.

Geno Smith is still their quarterback and I firmly believe that he will play so well that when we face the Jets in week 9 Ryan Fitzpatrick will be the starting quarterback.

And don’t forget their best player this side of Darrelle Revis, DT Sheldon Richardson has all kind of off the field issues resulting from his high speed chase with police outside of St Lious earlier this month.

And let’s face it the Jets are well…the Jets.

That bring me to the Dolphins. A team that everyone wants to say is good.

I remember a day not so long ago that Bills fans really believed that Trent Edwards was the answer to our quarterback woes. He had shown enough on and off the field to give people hope.

Hey Miami…let me clue you into something, your quarterback situation is no better than Buffalo’s. Ryan Tannehill is the second coming of Trent Edwards. Tannehill is just good enough to break your heart and ruin your season. Combined with the worst offensive line in the division, this could be a long year.

Oh yeah…and Buffalo’s defense coached by one Rex Ryan will remind you just how Trent Edwards like your quarterback really is.

I know…I know the Dolphins signed DT Ndamukong Suh in the off season. And he is really good. But one free agent does not a team make.

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